Russia Creating Hypersonic Target Missile to Test Advanced Weapons


A hypersonic target missile designed for advanced weapon testing is being developed in Russia, Olga Sokolova, director general of the Molniya Institute for Scientific Research and Production, which is part of the Kalashnikov consortium, said.

“We are conducting research and development work on this missile, which is due to be completed in 2019, and then the missile will be deployed in service and delivered to the Ministry of Defense under new contracts. It is a hypersonic target missile designed to test new weapons,” stressed Sokolova.

The director-general also said that a small parachute target will be developed starting next year, and within two years, work must be commissioned.

“It is designed to train fighter pilots and bombers as well as anti-aircraft artillery. It is launched from the ground, simulates the thermal signal of the aircraft propellant and its cost is relatively low,” he added.

Sokolova pointed out that aircraft missiles are now being used for these purposes, which is extremely expensive and unsafe.

“After the launch [of this target missile], the aircraft must leave the area because the ground missiles start firing from the ground and can accidentally hit the plane,” he explained.

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Meanwhile, British media has paid attention to the development prospects of so-called silent weapons. In most cases, a muffler is used to reduce the sound and the flare of the trip. However, Russian engineers also employ other means to disguise the shooter’s position.

According to the Forces Network , muffler-mounted guns are becoming increasingly popular, especially in urban warfare. They are also used in attacks on advanced enemy targets or sentries to reduce the chances of attackers being detected.

Experts point to the strong demoralizing effect of using such weapons. “There is something frightening about an enemy you cannot hear or see,” the article said.

Therefore, the military’s interest in the new mufflers is great. However, even the most modern handsets can increase the length of the barrel by 30 cm, while not completely silencing the sound of the shot.

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