Russia is World’s Leader in Drone Development, Says Expert


Russia is finalizing the development of drones capable of reaching any destination in continental Europe or flying to Canada, according to Russian media. Is this true?

Military analyst Andrei Koshkin highlighted the importance of drone development nowadays.

The Russian Armed Forces newspaper, Krasnaya Zvezda, wrote that Russia is completing the development of drones capable of reaching any destination in continental Europe, whether they take off from the Kaliningrad region (westernmost part of Russia) or fly to Canada from the autonomous district of Chukotka, in the Far East of the country.

The newspaper detailed that over the past six years Russia has created nearly 40 military units specializing in unmanned aerial vehicles that have received more than 1,800 drones capable of reconnaissance operations at distances of up to 500 kilometers.

Political scientist Andrei Koshkin said Russia leads the way in the production of UAVs.

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“The drones are now in demand, collecting intelligence and control data to carry out attacks on targets of the enemy with greater precision. Of course, the Russian Federation and its Armed Forces cannot be left behind. The development and production of drones is a priority. One of the signs of this is the creation of military units and detachments ‘drones’, in which skilled specialists operate these devices,” he said.

“In this area, the Russian Federation is the leading country, its Armed Forces possess the most modern drones. Its tactical and technical characteristics allow to assure the accomplishment of combat tasks that are considered necessary to ensure the protection of our country. Such detachments ensure the high quality of the performance of combat tasks of all branches and specialties of the Armed Forces,” he said.

The modernization of the Russian Armed Forces has been a top priority since Russian President Vladimir Putin came to power after the Yeltsin era which left the Russian military to rot and rust.

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