Russia Launches Final Tests of its Newest Naval Corvette


The newest Russian Navy corvette, Gromky, built for the Pacific Fleet, entered the waters of the Gulf of Peter to conduct final tests, which will be accompanied by the aviation of the Eastern Military District, the fleet spokesman, Nikolai Voskresensky, told reporters.

“Onboard the ship are specialists from the Amur Shipyard, where the warship was built, as well as Pacific Fleet servicemen who […] operate Ka-27 helicopters, Tu-142 and Il-38 antisubmarine planes of the naval aviation of the Pacific Fleet to verify the technical characteristics of the vessel,” informed Voskresensky.

According to him, in the tests, the participation of Air Force combat aircraft and air defense systems of the Eastern Military District is planned.

Gromky is the second corvette of the 20380 project, built especially for the Pacific Fleet under the rearmament program. The ship is 104.5 meters long, 13 meters wide, while its full displacement is 2.2 thousand tons. The maximum speed can reach 27 knots.

In August, the Gromky corvette was transported from Komsomolsk-no-Amur to Vladivostok for the final round of testing.

Meanwhile, the possibility of building new-generation aircraft carriers with greater displacement than Admiral Kuznetsov is being discussed in Russia, said Aleksei Rakhmanov, director of the United Shipbuilding Corporation of Russia.

“The corporation is debating the possibility of building new-generation aircraft carriers with more displacement than Admiral Kuznetsov, which shows there is potential in this area,” Rakhmanov said in an interview with the Russian edition RBK.

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Speaking of shipyards that could build such giant vessels, he stressed that in Russia today there are two suitable yards.

“As for the giant ships, we have at least two places where their construction can be carried out. I have already mentioned one of them – Sevmash, the other I will not name,” commented the director of the corporation.

Nowadays, the Russian Navy has a heavy aircraft carrier, the Admiral Kuznetsov. The ship was initially built for the Soviet Navy in 1991. After the renovation, it can remain in service for another 20 years.

The total length of the ship is 304.5 meters, the width of the deck reaches 67 meters, with a displacement of 59,100 tons. The crew of Admiral Kuznetsov is 1,960 men, including 528 officers and 210 noncommissioned officers.

The armament of the aircraft carrier includes Su-33 and MiG-29K fighters, Su-25UTG fighters-bomber and Ka-27 or Ka-29 antisubmarine helicopters. The ship has 12 Granit-NK anti-ship cruise missile launch platforms, Kinzhal hypersonic missile launch systems (192 missiles), and Kortik artillery and missile systems (256 missiles, 48,000 missiles).

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