Russia Optimizes Combat Helicopters Using its Experience in Syria


Russian attack helicopters were refined taking into account the results of the operation in Syria, Andrei Boginsky, the director general of Vertolyoty Rossii (Russian Helicopters) holding company, told reporters on Thursday at Airshow China 2018.

“War material will be marketed and supplied to internal and external customers not later this year but in the first quarter of the next. This is due to the need to make modifications in accordance with the new requirements of the Russian Ministry of Defense,” said the leader of the Russian company.

According to him, the new quality standards are based on the experience of military actions in the Syrian Arab Republic. Taking into account climatic conditions and other factors, the defensive systems on board the helicopters have been modified.

In addition, the devices were equipped with new weapons and radars that track missile launches.

Meanwhile, the new Mi-38T helicopter, manufactured by Russian Helicopters, flew for the first time during the Chinese airshow.

The Mi-38T is a military version of the Mi-38 helicopter and will soon be part of the Russian Air Force. The helicopter should receive a fuel system with explosion protection, additional fuel tanks to increase the autonomy of flight.

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The Mi-38T occupies a place between the Mi-38 and Mi-26, capable of carrying up to 30 passengers or 5 tons inside the helicopter.

The aircraft also has a communication system and equipment for the crew to be able to use marine rescue uniforms.

“On Saturday, the Mi-38, designated for military use, ‘hovered’ for the first time,” said the director general of Russian helicopters manufacturer Andrei Boginsky. In addition, he said the company has a contract with the Ministry of Defense, providing for the delivery of two Mi-38T helicopters next year.

The aircraft may be used to transport cargo and passengers, including VIP, in addition to participating in search and rescue operations and overflying sea surfaces.

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