Russia Worse Than ISIS? Lavrov SLAMS ‘Intellectual Abilities’ of British General Carlton-Smith

Carlton-Smith's comments reported earlier today border on pathological


Published on: Nov 24, 2018 @ 15:41 – Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov commented on the statement by the head of the British General Staff, General Mark Carlton-Smith, that Russia poses a greater threat than ISIS and Al-Qaida. In a piece FRN ran earlier today, the comments of General Carlton-Smith were reported on. 

“Is there a red line in Russia for statements like those that the Chief of General Staff of the United Kingdom Armed Forces allowed himself to do?” We cannot forbid anyone to show their intellectual and political abilities,” he said at a press conference following talks with the Portuguese Foreign Minister.

The Russian minister noted that the head of the British Ministry of Defense said something similar about Russia earlier.

“You know, we cannot influence the decisions of the British government regarding whom they trust in the leadership of their Armed Forces. I hope that they check such decisions for adequacy, ”he noted.

Moreover, Lavrov added, the British general is not original in hits comments.

“Because a similar statement was made in due time by President Obama at the UN General Assembly, and the next threat was Ebola fever. Well, we managed to cope with Ebola with our, by the way, active help, but I’m still not completely sorted out with ISIS,” he said.

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Earlier, Carlton-Smith said that Russia poses a greater threat to Britain and its allies than terrorist groups. According to him, the danger of ISIS has decreased after the destruction of the “geography of the so-called Caliphate”, so now it is necessary to “focus” on the threat from Russia.

The “traditional military response” to Moscow, according to Carlton-Smith, should be “support for the potential and unity of the NATO countries”.

The words of the British general have already been commented on in the State Duma. According to the deputy chairman of the Duma Defense Committee, Alexander Sherin, the United Kingdom, together with the United States, is engaged in an information war against Russia.


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