Russian Researchers Further Work on Nuclear Rocket to get to Mars in Record Time


As FRN has been following, Russia has decided to move the civilizational agenda forward, despite continued attacks on it from declining Atlanticist vectors. This vector revolves around human settlements on the moon, and ultimately Mars. As people following this field are aware, it is Russian technology that is being used in Elon Musk’s SpaceX program, and Russian launches today are what puts American astronauts into near-earth orbit (known conventionally as ‘space).

Towards these ends, an important Russian space research center has posted a video of its nuclear rocket, which could land on Mars after 7 months, and can be relaunched in space only 48 hours after landing.

“A mission to Mars is possible in the very near future, but that is not a goal in itself. Our engines can be the basis for a series of space missions that now seem like science fiction,” said Vladimir Koshlakov, head of the Research Center Keldysh, in Moscow.

The institute, famed for developing the Katyusha rocket launched during World War II, has been working on what it claims to be a “single” propulsion system since 2009. From earlier descriptions, it is composed of a gas-fired feeds a generator, which in turn feeds a plasma propeller.

Several nuclear reactors were installed in space by the Soviets and NASA between the 1960s and 1980s, but although Koshlakov declined to name a date when the new engines will be ready, he says it “will exceed the current level of technology and scientific development.”

“Reuse is the priority,” said Koshlakov, a researcher who specializes in heat transfer and mathematical modeling.

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“We need to develop engines that do not need to be refined or repaired more than once every 10 flights, and 48 hours after the rocket returns from space, it must be ready to be used again.

Asked whether he could be attacked by foreign companies, particularly the more agile private corporations, such as Elon Musk’s SpaceX, which is planning its mission on Mars, Koshlakov did not bother.

“Elon Musk is using the existing technology, developed a long time ago. He is a businessman: he got a solution that was already there and applied it successfully. He is doing his job with the help of the government,” Koshlakov concluded.

There was no mention whether Russia wants to colonize Mars in the same manner as SpaceX however.

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