Russian Senator: U.S Preparing WAR Against Russia


Published on: Nov 3, 2018 @ 17:01 – Deputy chairman of the Defense and Security Committee of the Council of the Russian Federation, Frants Klintsevich, commented on recent information on the increase in Pentagon military spending, concluding that this spells war.

According to the Defense One edition, in 2017 the Pentagon spent $19 billion on intelligence, while this year it allocated $22 billion.

According to the Russian senator, all this suggests that the United States is preparing for active hostilities, including against Russia.

“The total budget of the United States Department of Defense is $700 billion, another $800 billion will be spent to rearm [the army] as soon as possible possible,” Klintsevich told the Russian newspaper Zvezda .

“All of this means that the US is preparing for active combat action, including against Russia. Yes, of course, these sums include creating new jobs and developing the industry, but all this is done with only one goal: prepare an aggression against Russia,” he said.

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In the senator’s view, the intentions of the United States are evident, for example, in the case of Ukraine. According to Klintsevich, the country has become a tool, a “provocative” medium, through which the United States is trying to find the weaknesses of Russia.

In total, the US spent more than $59 billion on military operations outside its territory. This exceeds Russia’s total military budget, which according to Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu in 2018 is $46 billion.

“The Pentagon has entered an active phase: public opinion has been prepared and the Americans are preparing to go to hostilities. The only thing that allows us to react calmly to these messages is the confidence that we know that Russia can protect itself. We are absolutely ready to defend our country,” he concluded.

Russia is a major target of US imperialists since it has rebuilt and prospered under the leadership of President Vladimir Putin who has helped restore the country to be a global power after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.

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