Russian-Venezuelan High-level Commission to Expand Economic Cooperation


Russia and Venezuela have held a high-level commission to promote energy exchanges, trade, technical-military links, mining and agriculture between the two countries, local media reported.

“It is a cooperation that aims to defend our national resources and interests,” said Venezuelan Vice-President of the Economic Area, Tarek El Aissami.

In the commission, it was decided to include the agricultural and mining sector in cooperation with the objective of strengthening the Venezuelan economy, said the chief.

For his part, the Russian Federation ambassador to Caracas, Vladimir Zaemskiy, said that his country is willing to invest in the productive areas mentioned above.

Therefore, the relationship between the two countries would have five fields: energy, trade, military-technical links, mining and agriculture.

“We want Russia to participate in the exploration and exploitation of gold and coltan in the country,” he said.

Venezuela is specifying certification to prove to be the second and third nation with the largest gold reserves in the world,” he added.

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Likewise, he said that the agreements that take place in this committee must have defined deadlines, clear routes, sources of financing and direct responsibility for their implementation.

In recent months, Russia has offered advice to recover the Venezuelan economy.

Russian Deputy Finance Minister Sergey Storchak traveled to Venezuela on October 29, accompanied by a delegation of experts and advisors, to develop proposals to overcome the economic crisis, financial blockade and sanctions imposed by the United States.

On November 2, Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodriguez thanked Russia for this support.

The Russian support is ever important for Caracas as US imperialists continue their aggression against the Caribbean state. Venezuela is targeted as it holds the largest oil reserves in the world but has adopted a sovereign and independent foreign policy that aims to curb US influence in the country. It is for this reason that the US has prioritized the overthrow of the Bolivarian government.

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