S-300 Missiles Spoil U.S Plans in Syria


Recently, US Special Representative for Syria James Jeffrey has stated that the US is concerned about the installation of the S-300 air defense systems on Syrian territory.

Military expert Andrei Koshkin explained why the US military is concerned about the deployment of S-300s in Syria.

“US military and political leaders now only begin to understand that the S-300s will securely protect the Russian military in Syria and will seriously affect the entire configuration of politico-military and geopolitical relations in the Middle East,” Koshkin said.

“Without a doubt, the S-300 is a serious obstacle to the actions of the Israeli military in the territory of Syria. But, above all, they ‘spoil the plans’ very seriously to the Americans,” continued the analyst, adding that the of air defense systems will “cool the hot heads” in both Israel and the US.

According to him, air defense systems are a significant aid to Damascus and the countries guaranteeing a peaceful settlement, with a view to establishing stable relations that will allow the transition from military conflict to the phase of the deployment of peace in Syria.

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The decision on the delivery of Russian armaments was made after the September 17 incident when an S-200 missile from the Syrian air defense system mistakenly downed an Il-20 Russian aircraft, which was returning to Hmeymim’s base, according to the official story. The tragedy took the lives of 15 Russian soldiers.

The Russian Ministry of Defense blamed the Israeli Air Force for the incident, claiming that an Israeli fighter used the Russian aircraft as a shield against Syrian anti-aircraft systems.

Most importantly, despite Israel saying that the S-300 will not prevent them from carrying out future sorties against Axis of Resistance (Iran, Syria and Hezbollah) targets, to date, Israel has not carried out an airstrike against Syria according to a military source in speaking with Al-Masdar News.

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