SHOCKING HONESTY: Europe Must Become an ‘Empire’, says French Minister


France’s Economy and Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said in an interview with Handelsblatt newspaper that Europe must become an “empire,” similar to the United States and China.

“Europe should no longer be afraid to use its power, ” the minister said , adding that the “Empire” should be peaceful and based on the right principles of the state.

Le Maire commented on the need to protect the European Union from “illegal” US sanctions against Iran and “stand in the way of Donald Trump’s government.”

“The point here is to say clearly to the US: we are a sovereign continent that decides who to negotiate with,” said the French minister.

Earlier, French President Emmanuel Macron stressed that Europe faces numerous attempts to interfere in its internal democratic processes and cyberspace and proposed the creation of a “European army” independent of Washington. The initiative was classified as “very offensive” by the American leader, Donald Trump.

Russian President Putin welcomed the proposal of a European army, commenting to Tass last week that such a development would further along the process of multipolarity, against globalism the unipolarity of the US. FRN has noted since 2014 that the development of an EU army would be permissible in the early stages, by the United States, so long as it began to resemble something more akin to the German Wermacht of the late 1930’s – with the expressed interest of confronting Russia.

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However, an EU army would essentially be NATO minus the US and Turkey, and as such, poses the possibility of being independent of Atlanticist designs to cause yet another European civil war.

European politicians indeed regularly propose the creation of a single European Union army. For example, European Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society Gunther Oettinger said he dreamed of an army “which is jointly responsible for maintaining democracy, human rights and freedom in Europe and foreign missions.”

Following the American exit of the Iranian nuclear agreement in May 2018, Trump applied and restored various sanctions against Iran. Nevertheless, European countries have emphasized that they intend to continue to comply with the terms of the document and cooperate with Tehran.

Other US restrictive measures that reached oil exports came into effect on November 5, when states that continue to do business with the Arab country risk being subjected to secondary sanctions.

However, it can also be expected that a united European Union army is being pushed by France to create a military force that can oppose and act aggressively towards Russia, hindering efforts to ease hostilities.

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