Socialism – A Spoilt Millennials’ Dream?


There is a popular notion among American right-wingers nowadays that it is always lazy and spoilt pro-Hillary SJW’s who demand Socialism as they simply want free stuff made by honest, hard-working people.

Well, first of all, I’m yet to figure out what do the, so called, American “lefties”, the millennial pro-Hillary SJWs who root for identity politics, have to do with Socialism.

Classic socialists have always tried to defend the working class as a whole, as opposed to breaking it into minorities and trying to defend the rights of very specific groups.

Fragmenting people according to sex, gender, or skin colour/race is counterproductive. In many cases, it leads to outright racism, as we have seen with radical “leftists” in America and Western Europe who blame white people, or white men, collectively for all the issues their societies have to endure.

If I were a super-rich bankster who rules everything from the shadows, I would be happy to see “simpletons” fight each other over trivialities such as the bathroom access rights with identity politics, rather than see them fight for their rights collectively against abusers like me, in a holistic and unified fashion.

So, the mainstream trend that we observe on the “Left” in the US these days can hardly be classified as anything even remotely socialist.

As for the notion that only those who have been spoilt with easy life would dream of Socialism – that’s simply not true. If you look at the history of (classic) socialist movements, you’ll see that in the dominant majority of all cases the socialist/communist ideas have been picked up by the most disadvantaged in society.

In Tsarist Russia, Bolsheviks were able to get popular support by appealing to the regular workers and simple peasants who have been oppressed for decades, with aristocracy exploiting them, taking away all the surplus product to appear on the same level of wealth with their Western European counterparts (Russian climate is much worse for farming compared to France or, say, England, so Russian surfs/farmers were forced to work extra when their masters wanted to catch up to European standards in luxury). Not surprisingly, such exploitation often caused famines, as even the necessary food was at times taken away in form of taxes, and such, to be later sold overseas. The upper-classes were making financial profit at the expense of necessities for the regular people. An average person would be considered extremely lucky if he managed to live beyond the age of 45.

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Russian peasants

The situation was getting worse towards the beginning of the 20th century, as the Tsarist system (with all the upper-class aristocracy) was getting increasingly corrupt, worsening conditions for the simple peasants and increasing the overall tensions in society. The masses of the former Russian Empire who made the 1917 October Revolution possible were far, far from being privileged and spoilt (in fact, it was the cake-eating aristocracy whose members were trying to fold socialist uprisings).

In Korea, those were the simple farmers who had to live through decades of exploitation, first under their own bureaucracy, and then under the Japanese colonial regime, who found socialist ideas appealing. A person was considered lucky if he could afford to eat a bowl of rice on a daily basis, so those who supported Socialism in the early years after the World War II in Korea were, at large, far from being spoilt.

In Cuba, people had to live under brutal US-enforced Batista regime, where government apparatus was fusing with the mafia, serving to protect the casino and brothel industries for the rich, while unemployment rates among simple people were reaching 40% in the 1950’s. Those conditions made Marxist ideas popular among the general population, allowing Fidel Castro to consolidate the force to take over the country.

China and Vietnam weren’t much different.

Throughout history, socialist and communist ideas were getting momentum in places that had compromised economy and the living standards below any sort of decency (often due to “market corrections” and errors within the Capitalist system).

So, the notion that it’s always lazy, irresponsible millennials who support Socialism because they simply “want free stuff” is ahistorical nonsense that has no correspondence to reality.


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