“Suddenly we fought our former friends” – Belgian ISIS Member

Mainstream ISIS interview leads to acknowledgments


It certainly is interesting to witness how mainstream channels always find their ways into the most violent of organizations to have interviews in war-torn countries. Belgian mainstream official channels always have. The latest one in a barrage of openly defending extremist forces does make some interesting notes. Conflict journalist Rudi Vranckx – he really does have experience on the ground – “grills” a Belgian former ISIS soldier currently imprisoned in Qamishli.

You are a renown conflict journalist which means a mainstream one. You tend to always score interviews with the most extreme of factions. When you are asked during lectures why you never visit government held areas the answer always is: “We are not able to”. So, out of necessity, you stick to interviewing members of ISIS, Al Nusra, Ansar Al-Sharia. Here’s what we can learn…

Right from the get-go in the opening paragraphs, the Belgian self-proclaimed IS soldier mentions something noteworthy. Mr. Hamsa Nmili from Vilvoorde close to Brussels or Abou Oussama al-Belgiki as he’s known to his head-chopping friends tells us:

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I went to Syria to fight against Assad. Against injustice. Ideology certainly played part in it. I arrived in Syria in June 2013. We shared our living estates with numerous battalions of the Free Syrian Army. Jabhat Al-Nusra also was part of it.

Belgian government-sponsored channel VRT kindly mentions “the Syrian branch of Al-Qaeda, ed” to explain Nusra, but isn’t that interesting? Here we have official government-sponsored channels publishing the observation that the FSA closely cooperated with Al-Nusra and Al-Qaeda as soon as 2013. This is remarkable as Al-Nusra as Al-Qaeda are on the international list of terrorist organizations. How is it possible that international intelligence agencies did not observe the collusion between these factions and openly supported the FSA? The US did so until 2017 while France, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Israel only dropped their support this year.


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