Syrian Army Eliminates ISIS Hideout – Captures U.S Weapons [PHOTO, VIDEO]


SWEIDA, Syria – According to reports now confirmed by FRN, the Syrian army operation to root out an ISIS group who were holed up on the hard-to-reach volcanic Al-Safa plateau in the south-east of Sweida province, has been successfully completed. In the course of the operation the Syrian forces  managed to find and capture US-made missiles that the ISIS grouping had been storing inside the cave in the Al-Safa area.

Revealed in the find were caches of US TOW missile systems, mines of Czechoslovak and Jordanian manufacture, M-16 automatic rifles, as well as an assortment of other weapons.


Of particular interest is that the successful operation was carried out with the direct oversight of Russian military advisers, who are embedded in numerous formations of the SAA.

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At the time of publication, Syrian troops continue to sweep the newly liberated territory. What is referred to as ISIS is presented to the world as a unified organization, when in reality it is a coalition of various fighting groups each with various national and corporate backers. Some ISIS formations were backed by Turkey (Turkey also backs a faction of the FSA – Free Syrian Army)



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