TEXAS: Is Trump a Fascist? Like Obama & Clinton Before Him – YES


” Self-indulgence has its limits. There are times when reality cannot be blustered through.”

A rejoinder to Norman Ball’s “Trump Vs. NPC’s: The Prattle-Whinge Of The Republic

I can only laugh at anyone who still supports Trump or fails to understand that he is a distraction and a tool of the same evil masters who control Bush, Clinton and Obama, as well as most of the Western governments and institutions in the world today.

Do I despair at the juvenile stupidity of the vast majority of clueless pseudo-“progressives” who call Trump a fascist? Of course I do, but that in no way contradicts the fact that trump is a fascist. Whether by Mussolini’s definition, “corporatist”, or by the 14 Characteristics of Fascism, Trump qualifies as a genuine fascist on every single one. As did Obama before him. As does Clinton. Same shit, different pile.

Before reading further, read the below and follow the link to pick up a copy of Texas’ war diary – The Donbass Cowboy

Some Trumpsters try to excuse Trump’s fascist character and actions by saying he is trapped in a totally corrupt political cage that is designed to prevent any real political progress. Of course they too are also right, (about the cage) but like the pseudo-Left, they are right while still being fundamentally wrong. Because they are using a truth to try to prove a falsehood. They miss the point completely. Trump was a puppet and a clown, an idiot and an asshole, a tool of oligarchy, long before he became President. The point is that he wouldn’t do shit, even if he could. He can’t. he hasn’t, and he won’t. And he wouldn’t if he could. Only suckers, chumps and idiots still think he will.

The “inconvenient truth”, that the Trump regime “is possibly the most transparent, and potentially the most accountable, in US history”… “who fundamentally changed the framework of accountability and transparency in government” is laughable. That “No President in modern history has put that much accountability into the position of each cabinet member” is impossible to read with a straight face. What kind of idiot could write such drivel? What kind of idiot could believe it? One need only look at those cabinet members and know who they are, to understand this is just another pile of the same old shit. Pence? Bolton? Sessions? Nikki Haley? Pompeo? Mnuchin? Mattis? Betsy DeVos? Kirsten Nielsen? Rick Perry? You gotta be fucking kidding me. These are the fascist minions of oligarchy, as is Trump himself. This is a regime. Just like the one they have in Ukraine.To pretend otherwise is to be as divorced from reality as 47 different gender types.

Does Hitler “warrant more dastardly comparables”? Maybe. Trumpsters should ask the victims of Trump’s wars in Ukraine or Syria, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq or Yemen about that. But if the idiot bastard Trump succeeds in starting World War Three, as he certainly seems intent upon doing, Hitler will pale in comparison. Hitler only started World War Two, he only killed millions. World War Three will kill billions. Think about it. The end of life on Earth, at least for most of us, certainly including you and me. And Trump is playing with it like a monkey with a hand grenade. And no one on Earth today is closer to pulling the pin than the simian fascist Donald Trump.

The “prattle-whinge” of the Trumpsters is as dangerously stupid, as erroneous, and as worthless and contemptible, as that of the so-called “Left” who decry Trump’s genuine fascism while supporting Clinton’s genuine fascism. A mirror image of the same idiocy, the same Pavlovian knee-jerk reaction of noticing the speck in the other’s eye while missing the log in your own. There is a word for people who criticize in others what they themselves do as well. That word is “hypocrite”. There is a word for people who support Clinton, or still support Trump after two years of his pompous and highly dangerous misrule. That word is “idiot”.

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The false dichotomy between “Right” and “Left” is what has neutered the political will and the political power of the American People. As long as you fight each other, you are utterly impotent, and your masters, your real enemies, will continue to fuck you, your family, your nation, your future and the world, to death, using tools like Donald Trump. Their impudence is the measure of your impotence. And just look at how impudent they are!

{And speaking of impudence, Ball’s criticism of Chris Hedges and Ralph Nader, while he extols the fake “populism” of Trump, really goes beyond the pale. Hedges and Nader are the titans of US political science in the 21st Century, modern versions of Thomas Paine and Ben Franklin, respectively. They have not years, but decades, of real populist activism behind them and remain at the forefront of US political thought. Trump”s “populism” extends to bullshit promises that will never be fulfilled..}

Trump is not anyone’s savior, and those who delude themselves into thinking that there is any difference between him and the scum who came before him are not only wrong by every empirical measure, but they are childish and cowardly as well – they pretend that Trump will do what only they themselves can do, and they abdicate their own responsibility for their lives and futures by pretending he will fix things. He hasn’t, he can’t, and he wouldn’t if he could. HE WON’T. To pretend otherwise not only invites ridicule, it is dangerous to the point of being suicidal.

There is no “peaceful” political process, no political figure, who can save the people of the West, and especially the USA, from what is clearly coming, and which they will certainly deserve if they let it. Elections and politicians are worse than useless, a distraction, a continuation of the status quo, or worse. They are a huge waste of resources – human, economic, intellectual, chronological. Think hard about that last one – chronological. “So let us not talk falsely now. The hour’s getting late.” Indeed it is.

If you want to know what’s in store for the USA, look at Ukraine. A failed state. Undrinkable water. No heat for millions. Ecological and economic rape six ways from Sunday. Utterly corrupt oligarchs and politicians who loot the nation and the people of every possible resource, who ruin the country and its future, then skedaddle with their billions as Yatsenyuk did, as Poroshenko will, as Tymoshenko will. (As Trump and Clinton will.) And do you really think there will be any difference when ukrops vote between Poroshenko and Tymoshenko? Just as much difference as between Trump and those who came before or whoever comes after.

But I will say what any intelligent person will always say, or at least always consider – “I could be wrong.” And if I am, I will be glad to admit it. So, get back to me, Trumpsters, the day Trump puts Clinton or Obama or Bush or any billionaire in prison, the day Trump orders the withdrawal of all US troops from Syria, the day he cuts off 100% of US support to ISIS terrorists or the nazis in Kiev, the day Trump outlaws paperless voting machines, the day Trump starts a real investigation into 9/11 or the Pentagon’s missing trillions, or cuts one single dollar from the US military budget. Till then, thanks for the laughs, idiots, and STFU.

Everyone has a right to their own opinion, so they say, even idiots. A Kalahari Bushman may have an opinion about rocket science, an eight year old kid may have an opinion about neurosurgery. It’s their right, but they’re always gonna be wrong. Because they may have a right to their opinion, but it doesn’t mean they’re qualified to have it, it doesn’t mean it is anything other than sheer idiocy to utter it, it doesn’t mean that it is not extremely dangerous and stupid for anyone to give it any credence.

Trump is a piece of shit. Clinton is a piece of shit. Anyone who can still support either of them is literally as stupid, as disgusting, as dangerously insane as any other coprophage. And it is better for coprophages to keep their mouths shut.

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