These 5 Countries Will be Able to Buy the Lethal Russian Armata Tank


Published on: Nov 28, 2018 @ 20:55 0 Although the new generation T-14 Armata tank is not yet in operation in the Russian Army, the equipment already raises a lot of interest in other countries. The American newspaper The National Interest made a list of potential buyers of the Armata.


The author of the article, Charlie Gao, believes that India is one of the countries most interested in purchasing the innovative Russian tank, since the T-14 corresponds to the requirements of the FCRV (Future Ready Combat Vehicle) program, which seeks a new tank for the country’s army.

Possible rivals for the Russian T-14 are South Korea’s K2 Black Panther and the Ukrainian BM Oplot. Most of today’s Western tanks, such as the German Leopard 2A7 and the US M1A2 Abrams are too heavy for Indian soil.

As for the tanks of local production, the edition highlights the Arjun Mk. 2, but the analyst doubts that it can overcome the bad reputation of its predecessor.


Although Beijing is developing its own military industry, the Asian country continues to acquire advanced Russian equipment, such as the Su-35s and the S-400 air defense system.

The author points out that China since the 1990s tends to buy high-tech Russian weapons and then incorporate its characteristics into its own products. Thus, it is likely that Beijing will try to acquire the new Armata tanks to study its operation and create its own analogue for export.


The North African country has maintained military cooperation with Russia for many years and has some of the most advanced weapons, such as T-90 tanks, Su-30MKA fighter jets, Yak-130 training aircraft, among others.

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By purchasing the tanks on the Armata platform, Algeria will become the country with the most powerful army in the Maghreb region and even in Africa. But since the country already has the advanced T-90, it’s unlikely to buy many T-14s because of its high price.


Like Algeria, Egypt has shown preference for Russian weapons, replacing its American produced Abram tanks with Russian T-90s.

This makes Egypt a potential buyer of Armata. But as the country has ordered a lot of T-90 as early as 2017, it is unlikely to sign another contract of the same type of weaponry in the short term.

United Arab Emirates

Together with Algeria and Egypt, the United Arab Emirates has been cited as potential buyers of the Russian fifth-generation Su-57 fighter. The country operates Russian BMP-3 infantry combat vehicles, while its tank fleet is composed entirely of French Leclerc tanks, which showed good performance in the UAE’s aggression against Yemen.

However, on one occasion such a tank was penetrated by a missile from the old Russian Konkurs anti-tank system. The projectile killed the driver and wounded the tank commander.

After the incident, the Emirates became interested in modifying equipment for their Leclerc. If France cannot provide them or if the Russian T-14 offers a better solution, the UAE can opt for Armata in the next few years.

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