To the Moon! Russia Rolls-Out Ambitious Lunar Station Plan


MOSCOW, Russia – The construction of the Russian lunar orbital station is expected to start in 2025 with the launch of the “base module”, said Russian general builder of spacecraft Evgueni Mikrin.

According to the presentation, the base module should be released in late 2025.

According to a previous report, the station was being planned for the years 2030 and 2035.

At a conference hosted by Mikrin in honor of the 20th anniversary of the International Space Station (ISS), the expert presented the concept of a Russian lunar station created by modules, which would be tested in the circumterrestrial orbit.

Earlier, Roscosmos president Dmitri Rogozin said that the Russian space agency Roscosmos and the Russian Academy of Sciences will form the lunar program to present to President Vladimir Putin in the next three months.

“For three months, Roscosmos and the Russian Academy of Sciences will form a joint action plan, a common idea, in stages,” he said.

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“The lunar program will be developed in several phases until completion in 2040,” he concluded.

This comes at a time when the US, as well as private entrepreneurs like Elon Musk, are coming up with plans and ideas to colonize space, with the latter becoming famous for his ideas to colonize Mars.

US President Donald Trump also famously wants to create a Space Force to become the sixth branch of the US military.

As an intriguing prospect, Musk and Trump would have to circumvent Article IV of the Space Treaty, signed first by the United States, United Kingdom and then Soviet Union in 1967. It prevents weapons and military bases from being built on the Moon and other celestial bodies.

However, as demonstrated with other instances, there is a possibility that Trump could just rip up the Space Treaty and go ahead with a potential militarization of celestial bodies close to Earth’s orbit.

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