Trump Brilliantly Blames ‘Obama Regime’ For Crimea Joining Russia, SLAMS ‘Fake News’


US President Donald Trump has quite intelligently accused former President Barack Obama of Ukraine having lost the Crimean peninsula. There may be gem hidden here, as we’ll have to see. So what happened?

During the press conference after the US elections, Donald Trump recalled the successful meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki this summer, adding that “many issues have been discussed – on Syria, security, Ukraine […] about the fact that President Obama allowed a very large part of Ukraine to be taken by [Russia]. ”

The journalist pointed out that “it was President Putin who annexed Crimea.” But Trump responded “That was President Obama’s regime. That was during President Obama. Right? It was President Obama that allowed that to happen.”,” he said.

Trump did not elaborate on how he felt Obama should have acted to prevent Crimeans from voting in a referendum to join Russia. And FRN isn’t clear that he wants to, or needs to.

In fact, making sure to off-set this problem onto Obama and Democrats, it gives Trump the political flexibility at some point to recognize the ‘irreversible blunder’ made by his Oval Office predecessor.

The exchange took place at a press conference on Wednesday during which reporters asked the usual questions about the president’s relationship with Russia. When Trump met with Putin in Helsinki in July, Democrats and Republicans found something to agree upon, haranguing the president for not being tougher on his Russian counterpart for “meddling” in the 2016 election – allegations that have yet to be proven.

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The entire exchange was quite hostile, and events surrounding it resulted in at least one CNN journalist – Acosta – losing his press pass.

Trump told reporters he planned to meet with Putin during the G20 summit in Argentina this month but repeated he will not be meeting with the Russian president in Paris during the Armistice Day ceremonies commemorating the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I, the report continued. The two nations mutually agreed not to hold a summit during the event to avoid causing a distraction.

The Crimea reunified with Russia in 2014 after a referendum in which more than 96% of residents voted for reunification. However, Kiev still considers the peninsula as Ukrainian territory, the West does not let criticize Moscow and impose sanctions because of the “annexation” of the Crimea.

The Russian authorities have repeatedly stressed that reunification occurred in a legal manner, in accordance with international law.

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