Trump vs. NPC’s: The Prattle-Whinge of the Republic

By Norman Ball

By Norman Ball – “What I set out with was a clear journalistic aim: to challenge the idea that our feelings are what we are. I wanted to show how they are merely an aspect of what we are and that they had been purposefully exaggerated by vested interests, both corporate and political, to make them seem like our whole humanity.” –Adam Curtis, on The Century of the Self


First of all thanks to Adam Curtis for his prefatory quote and prescient documentaries. 2002’s ‘The Century of the Self’ shouldn’t be missed. (For our purposes here, Part Four is the go-to segment.)

Because our whole humanity is in the midst of a major short-shrift.

Kahlil Gibran suggested pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses our understanding. Surely the endless NPC* whingeing about all things Trump signals a broken shell too. A broken taco shell. Or perhaps a hacked shell-game.

Self-indulgence has its limits. There are times when reality cannot be blustered through. Our most insistent desires get overtaken by even more insistent realities. Those trapped in solipsistic fogs resort to voluminous hissy fits. From there, it’s a hop, skip and a jump to full-on derangement. In their heart of hearts, feelings know they can’t be trusted. Moreover they hate when facts, like narrow-eyed older brothers, show up to put them in their place. Speaking of which, where are our elders?

In Trump Derangement Syndrome, we discover the arc of American infantilism reaching its storm-in-a-teacup apotheosis. So-called ‘Liberal’ protestations have become repetitive, snarky and deeply (though deceptively) personal.

Having recently gained back the House, Democrats, we discover, have no grown-up platform for moving the nation forward after all. Instead they plan to chase down a whinge-list of 85 targets for investigation –and this for a President with a sum-total of 22 months in public service.

We see that, far from being a tactical means to a constructive end, whingeing fills a programmatic void. Governance under the Democrats will take a backseat to whingey score-settling. That’s right. The negating rhetoric is the plan. Or perhaps you thought it was a tactic subordinate to an overarching strategy? Tsk tsk. Silly thinking person.

Another NPC tendency is to over-interpolate emotional proximity. Is there a borderline personality thread running through these people?

In truth, an NPC has no better chance of having a beer with Obama than he does comparing tan lines with the dreaded Orange Man. The fact that one may seem more approachable than the other (in a fictionalized up-close setting) is an optical and experiential illusion. Neither man will ever join an NPC in a restaurant booth. Neither will they ever look into an NPC’s eyes and feel his pain.

Besides, it’s not who he is. It’s what he’s trying to do. Trumpism not Trump. Oprah’s gauzy couch-frame has scrambled the critical faculties of a generation of Americans. Curtis again: our feelings are not who we are although there are powers that would love nothing better than to keep us forever pinned in that diminished cul de sac.

Trumpism comes with Trump who comes with casinos, beauty pageants and seedy girlfriends. Gd, ever the contrarian, always goes to the back of the rack and when did once-in-a-generation leadership ever spill out of a convent anyway? So get over it. Trumpism also brings some long-awaited good things to Americans. That’s where the focus should be.

Deep-seated affection should be reserved for folks we can pour our authentic affections on: a spouse, a child, a next-door neighbor. All the rest alternates between shadow-boxing and blowing kisses at the boob tube.

As I explored extensively in my TV book (see here and here), David Foster Wallace’s deliberate inversion ofe unibus pluram(‘from one, many’) in his 1993 essay of the same name is well-considered. So long as we are cocooned in our isolated TV rooms, we are watching TV alone, together. Social formation becomes an atomized daydream. Internet ‘connectivity’ merely extends the miasmic horizon, knitting together a confederacy of like-minded NPC echo-chamberettes. Checkmate.

The Bernaysian Managers of Democracy have real reasons to want Trump gone. That’s why they’ve conscripted NPC feelingness (and nothing more than fe-e-e-lingness) into their battle plan. Should they succeed in sparking Trump rejectionism solely on the basis of some goopy subjective stew of aversions, they win.

But win what exactly? The stakes are incredibly high. Here are but a few Trump victories easily reversed:

  • Hillary’Putin = Hilter’Clinton would have had us in WW3 by now. Any two years without thermonuclear war are good years. Don’t laugh. Her trial balloons are out for a 2020 run.
  • Though reasonable people can debate their wisdom, there’s nothing trivial about the trade re-balancing Trump is attempting in his re-nationalization and re-industrialization efforts. Trillions of redirected dollars hang in the balance. You can be sure our multinational corporate managers are stoking the derangement flames to avert these sea-level changes and couldn’t give two shits about how Trump combs his hair.
  • The USMCA follow-on to NAFTA has huge implications for North American productivity and wage levels. It’s the agreement the Democrats and Organized Labor should be championing but won’t as doing so puts a feather in Trump’s cap. There’s no point und erscoring how economic populism, a key facet of Trumpism, is actually delivering to the Democrat’s battered-spouse constituency. It’s a niggling point, butTrump is not a Republican. He’s an economic populist attempting to wrestle the Grand Old Party away from its RINO (Republican in Name Only) sleepwalkers –and he may yet fail.

Instead, CNN stays riveted on such NPC-friendly and diversionary whinge-producers as:

Trump’s hair blowing up in the back.

Trump laying down an umbrella.

Trump with toilet paper stuck to his shoe.

Trump walking in front of the Queen of England.

Perhaps you too have Facebook friends who fulfill the role of pro bono newsfeed water-carrier, poring over these moments in history before adding a heartfelt prefatory whinge of their own, then passing the outrage along to their prefatory social warrior friends.

These prurient snips are like social media catnip to the dumbest kitties in the litter. Like bad cinéma-vérité, they tell us, we are told, a lot about the Man and his Movement. Managed Democracy has learned via the Tavistock Institute that a news cycle absent some telegenic fart is a news cycle wasted, no matter how low the camera must go. Numbing consistency, as opposed to compelling newsworthiness, is the key to embargoing NPC collective consciousness –to the extent inward-out consciousness still emanates from this cadre of  repeater towers.

The current storm in a teacup involves CNN Correspondent Jim Acosta getting bounced from the White House Press Corps. Did he arm-wrestle a 20-year-old intern, was the tape doctored to show he did; in short, the usual diversionary twaddle. Cries of Nazi fascism are being fed to the NPC choir. Frankly Hitler warrants more dastardly comparables. And can Acosta please beat Sponge Bob Square Pants in the ratings before dignify his hi-jinks as journalism?

Here’s an inconvenient truth guaranteed to stoke NPC cognitive dissonance. The Trump Administration is possibly the most transparent, and potentially the most accountable, in US history. How so? As the Conservative Treehouse puts it:

“When we elected a successful businessman as President of the United States and leader of the executive branch, we elected a person who fundamentally changed the framework of accountability and transparency in government. President Donald J. Trump holds an average of two to three full cabinet meetings each month where the cabinet members give direct updates on execution of policy priorities.

No President in modern history has put that much accountability into the position of each cabinet member. No President has ever coordinated strategic objectives with such a high level of expectation and scrutiny. No President has folded transparency into the cabinet with full media access over White House cabinet meetings. This is a new executive branch standard.”

Alas these meetings, often stretching close to an hour, exceed the typical whingee’s attention span by orders of magnitude. The NPC peeps want bread, circuses and fleeting Candid Camera moments –bite-sized morsels of pratfall-porn.

Thus to the NPCs we must say, climb out of your feelings where you have at least half of our Republic trapped. Jettison too the belief that your Inflamed Narcissistic Cortex (INC) comprises the totality of your response-set.

Whether you ‘like’ Trump or not (whatever that even really means), the universe cares not one whit. Entangled in your underwear from whence you self-magnify over one perceived personal slight after another, you have allowed the public square, where the real action occurs, to be left undefended from the ravages of the PTB. They don’t want your comfort-level. They want your range of motion drastically curtailed. Hysteria and fear help accomplish this. Collective whingeing is a wet blanket meant to smother civic vigor.

Soon Adam Curtis’ cautionary tale will take us where it’s dying to go anyway, that is with business running politics top-to-bottom (as Sheldon Wolin’s inverted totalitarianism insists it already does). Then, with a little luck, the whole incestuous shebang can collapse under the weight of Luigi Zingales’ Medici vicious circle. Unless Lucifer arrives first.

But don’t fret NPCs. Even Alpha Players succumb to feelings over facts. In a wonderfully revealing sequence Lions of the Left Ralph Nader and Chris Hodges share (at 10:19) a good chuckle over how ‘Tricky Dick’ and ‘Red-baiter’ Richard Nixon turned out to be their movement’s best friend, though he can never be extolled for all the usual NPC reasons. It’s well-worth a listen:

Hedges: You know, I’ve heard you say Nixon was our last liberal President.

Nader: He was the last President afraid of liberals too…

Nader goes on to cite Nixon’s long list of progressive accomplishments. However the depth of the irony is not fully pursued by either of them. It’s as though their personal aversions and obligatory public personae can only make due note without completing the factual circle. Tricky Dick indeed. Some things can’t compute. The NPC programming architecture will always be outmaneuvered by facts on the ground. Humanity still possesses the element of surprise.


NPCs have to realize that, in order to be booted up with Managed Democracy’s false consciousness, they first had to be emptied of organic consciousness. Yes we’re in the terrain of spiritual high-stakes.The soul must be recovered even if one is lucky enough to isolate and crash the invading program.

In the words of Upton Sinclair (sort of): “It is difficult to get a meme to understand something, once its social media status has been cemented by thoughtless replication”.

In his essay,’Elections! NPC’s Mobilize En Masse To Save America Through Voting – But Where’s Kanye?’ Fort Russ’ Joaquin Flores intuits this emptying necessity, calling it deprogramming (very apropos given that the NPC is a victim of colonized coding):

“…the present ‘fake left’ political culture emanating from Soros financed ‘community organizing NGO’s’ as well as academic institutions focused on the humanities, is based fundamentally on deprogramming people from trust in their lived experiences.”

‘Trust in lived experience’ suggests a personal sovereignty, an implied gnosis, that top-down management cannot abide. The ‘sunken place’ Flores refers to is the green room after the simulacrum gets packed away. Yet it’s premature, in my opinion, to consign Trump to the surreality bin.

The crowds he draws are simply too enthusiastic, the lines too long, the waits too interminable. There’s an authentic ‘direct democracy’ phenomenon gurgling up that the networks are loath to show. How fascinating that the Network cameras instinctively point away from unrehearsed exuberance much like vampires shrink back from Crosses. Anyway, cynicism can wait. There’s ample time to resume Flores’ sunken horizons.

Trump does not mark the onset of fascism. On the contrary, he offers a populist respite prior to the resumption of totalitarian consolidation; the latter being a biblical, eschatological progression that cannot be put off for long.

The definitive totalitarian arc traces back to at least 1947’s National Security Act. Some people cite Abraham Lincoln as a proto-military industrialist. The Fall of Man works too. It’s all a matter of degree. The NPC source-code reveals one of its patchier moments with the high-contrivance of Trump suddenly fulfilling the time-zero of all hell breaking loose.

The Trump-as-fascist thesis is an NPC subroutine modeled around a deranged narrative arc. Twenty-two months ago, American government collapsed from some mythic (i.e. pre-programmed) Olympian heights into the current dystopic hellhole. Clearly a lot has had to happen in a short period of time. Due to the amnesia-dependent, time-restricted parameters of the NPC program, Trump must become the cause of all our present ills i.e. an inadvertent deification of the current President is necessary in order to make the NPC program-logic work and its hurried timeline fit.

There are literally thousands of articles discussing every problem under the sun where invariably the last paragraph cites the current President. Sometimes it’s laughably tangential. Clearly Trump has become the new scholasticism. All questions (the grimmer ones please) have been harmonized into furnishing Trump the Answer.

As for the Prime Mover of 21st century neo-Nazism, look no further than Herr Obama himself {smoke_billow @ NPC ear//grille; [NOT] compute; else <null-set>}.

Why make it a total romp for trans-humanity to sidestep our all-too-human humanness? Soul-making, as Keats called it, may be our one degree of freedom. What a shame to see NPCs rush into the arms of post-humanity with solicitous bad cyborg imitations.

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