Trump’s Policy Could End U.S Global Hegemony


Just like  the failed policies of the former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev caused the collapse of the USSR, Trump economic success is likely to have the same fate, writes Asian media.

According to columnist Raja Murthy in the Asia Times, in creating conditions for other nations to give up negotiating, President Trump ends up causing the US to lose its global lead.

This is evidenced by the insistent US sanctions, especially against Iran, classified as “unilateral and illegal.”

Although the US State Department has “allowed” some countries to buy Iranian oil, according to Murthy, this is the same as “shaking the green flag after the train has departed.”

If Trump pays the gigantic $21.6 trillion public debt to get the country out of the economic slump, that would mean “the death of American hegemony,” he said.

Murthy refers to the emperor Marcus Aurelius of the Roman Empire, who followed a policy of constant spending and consumption, which led to his final fall, adding that a similar future awaits the United States.

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The abandonment by the American leader of the old policy of financial support to foreign countries, reducing their participation in financial assistance to other countries and increasing spending on security, ends up alienating other nations.

“A world less tied to American largesse and generous trade tariffs can more easily reject the “you are with us or against us” bullying doctrine of US presidents,” said the critic.

In the end, the United States, economically successful, worried about its internal problems, will end up suffering the consequences.

“Everything comes to an end, and so too will the last empire of our era,” adding that “The imperial American eagle flying into the sunset will see the dawn of an economically healthier US that minds its own business, and increase hopes for a more equal, happier world – thanks to the unintentional Gorbachev-2 in the White House.”

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