Two Ukraine-built PT Boats Arrive in Odessa

Recent graduates of the Odessa Institute of Naval Forces will command the boats.


Via Novorosinform:

On Monday, November 19, two PT assault boats of the Centaur class arrived in Odessa.

“New assault boats of the project 58503 (Centaur) have arrived in Odessa for the continuation of tests. Here, tests of new combat units, built by the PrJSC Forge on the Rybalsky, commissioned by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine for the Ukrainian Navy, will continue, ” said Radchuk, head of the Shipbuilding Directorate of the Ukrainian Navy command.

Definition from ru.wikipedia: Assault boats (DShK) of the “Centaur” class (project 58181) – a type of assault boats of Ukrainian development, designed to resolve problems in the nearest sea and river areas, either engaging with the enemy or ensuring the delivery and disembarkation of a landing platoon.

According to Captain Radchuk, the boats made a successful passage on their own engines from Kiev to Odessa, and now they will be equipped with additional equipment and sea trials and transition to operational status will be organized.

It is expected that the recent graduates of the Odessa Institute of Naval Forces will command both boats.

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The Ukrainian Navy facebook page adds:

The landing assault boats successfully motored on their own engines from Kiev to Odessa. The next stage will be the completion of equipment installation, run-off tests at the sea and the transition to the state testing stage, – Captain 1 rank Vasyl Radchuk noted. He heads the shipbuilding department of the Naval Forces Command of Ukraine. “During the construction of the boats, there were upgrades, including the installation of some new systems, which will now be tested for functionality, both individually and on board,” he added.

It should be noted that this project has a number of differences from the boats in the given class, including the speed of about 40 knots, the armorplate, the ability to transport and land marines, as well as the presence of a jet system of volley fire, and combat modules.

A comment on the Facebook page: Super! Finally we hear about the army and the fleet, about their revival!!!

A comment from FRN: Not one word about the two comparable PT boats given to Ukraine from US surplusage. Their whereabouts are unknown still.


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