U.S Insists on Maintaining Military Occupation of Europe – Opposes Independent European Army


Published on: Nov 22, 2018 @ 19:59 – The United States has asked the European Union (EU), if it should create a European army, that it be formed “in line” with NATO.

The US demands more clarity in the European position on its plans to create its own army, which should be a complement to NATO rather than its replacement, Gordon Sondland, the US permanent representative to the EU, told European parliamentarians.

In his view, the situation in this field is worsening, as the European Union has decided that it is able to handle everything by itself and with its own Armed Forces, which undermines NATO.

According to the representative, this issue is “very sensitive” to the US.

In fact, he pointed out that Washington is hearing from Europe two diametrically opposed points of view on defense issues – some want to limit themselves to resolving small conflicts in North Africa, others speak of creating a true Armed Forces.

The director of the Russian Institute of Strategic Planning, Aleksandr Gusev, suggested that the idea of ​​a European army could become predominant.

According to the Russian political scientist, the idea of ​​creating a pan-European army is not new. In the early 2000s, Europeans decided to create their own army – not as an alternative to NATO, but as an addition to the bloc. But gradually this topic disappeared, because in fact the American troops occupied Europe, the Americans control the internal and external security system of Europe.

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“Now that there has been a proposal by French President Emmanuel Macron to create a common European army, they have come back to that idea again. Of course, the Americans, led by President Donald Trump, will sabotage this idea because it is very advantageous for them to control everything in Europe,” Gusev said.

According to the Russian expert, “Europeans are held hostage by the Americans.” And Americans, at least in the near future, will not allow Europeans to create their own internal and external security system independent of them, they will sabotage it and create conditions for Europeans to be controlled by them.

Recently, French President Emmanuel Macron proposed to create a “common European army” that does not depend on the US, including to ensure cybersecurity, and was supported by German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The head of European diplomacy, Federica Mogherini, later stated that the European Union is not engaged in the creation of a “European army” because it is a political, not a military alliance.

Fort Russ News’ parent organization, the Center for Syncretic Studies – in conjunction with official statements our representatives have made in Iran’s Press TV – has noted since 2015 that the creation of a European Army is both inevitable, and a positive development in terms of the progress of multipolarity.

Presently, NATO acts as both a combined force of Europe as well as a US military occupation of Europe. For these reasons, it is understandable the ‘grave concerns’ that the US is now expressing over this development. Within the last five years, Germany has made tremendous progress in changing its security apparatus, in particular reform of its intelligence agencies. Largely this has revolved around removing US agents and assets from Germany’s apparatus.

At the time CSS made these prognostications, others in our field believed that European leaders would not push this program forward. It is clear, for example, that the present government of Germany has been tasked with managing the pro-Atlanticist, pro-Europeanist, and pro-Eurasianist forces on the European peninsula of Eurasia.

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