UK Chief of Staff says Russia is a Greater Threat than ISIS


UK Chief of Staff Mark Carleton-Smith said that Russia represents a greater threat to London and its allies than the Daesh [ISIS] and Al-Qaeda terrorist groups, the British newspaper The Telegraph reported.

“Without a doubt, Russia today represents a greater threat to our national security than Islamic extremists, such as Al-Qaeda or Daesh,” Carleton-Smith told the newspaper.

He claimed that the Daesh threat had become less important since the “caliphate” was destroyed in Syria and Iraq, and now the UK and its allies need to “focus” on the Russian threat.

“Russia is trying to study and take advantage of the vulnerabilities of the West. We cannot underestimate the threat Russia poses,” he said.

According to Carleton-Smith, “supporting NATO’s potential and the unity of its member countries” should be “the traditional military response” to Russia.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said last October that Russia does not threaten anyone and strictly abides by all its commitments related to international security and arms control.

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However, Putin warned that Moscow will do everything necessary to defend itself “against any potential threat”.

The Russian leader also questioned the very existence of NATO after the year 1991, when the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact disintegrated.

“It gives the impression that NATO needs an enemy simply to be right, and that is why it is always looking for an opponent or launching provocations when inventing rivals,” Putin said.

However, the United Kingdom as a dying empire that is attempting to hold onto any relevance on the global stage, is doing all it can to restrict Russia’s rise into a global economic and military superpower. Despite hundreds of years of looting the globe’s wealth through conquest, genocide and colonization, the UK today has little to show for it as the country is crippled through austerity and economic hardships. This is in stark contrast to Russia who continually grows despite being severely targeted by the Anglosphere and its lackeys through sanctions.

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