Ukraine: Danger of a ‘Great War’ with Russia if Azov Sea is Closed


Russia has discussed the closure of the Azov Sea to Ukrainian ships. Such a move would lead to a “great war” with Ukraine, according to the former Deputy Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Lieutenant General Igor Romanenko.

In his opinion, expressed in his article for the newspaper Apostrof, a military conflict with Moscow would be unfeasible for Kiev, since it will not be able to give an answer to the Russian army. At the same time, Romanenko added that the West would not send troops to Ukraine, as it fears that this could trigger a Third World War. The only aid that Kiev can count on, said the former chief of staff, is diplomatic and economic.

“The troops will not be sent because the West does not want this war to spread on a large scale and evolve into a Third World War, but it can help in economic, diplomatic and military terms.

In addition, Romanenko added, sanctions against Russia could be strengthened, but he doubts its effectiveness even before they come into force.

“The sanctions against Russia are not comparable to the sanctions of Reagan against the [Soviet] Union, that is, finances are not influenced, energy is not affected, and the Kremlin still has great reservations,” the military expert explained.

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Earlier, a member of the Council of the Russian Federation, Franz Klintsevich, said that Russia could block the Azov Sea from crossing Ukrainian ships in response to the detention by the Ukrainian authorities of 15 ships that had previously entered ports of the Crimean peninsula.

Kiev has repeatedly accused Moscow of “destabilizing” the situation in that region, without providing any evidence of its allegations. Thus, the Ukrainian side accused Russia of “carrying out a strict policy of detention and inspection of ships”.

Moscow, in turn, regards the actions of Kiev as “maritime terrorism” by strengthening customs inspections in its part of the Sea of ​​Azov.

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