FRN has confirmed reports that there is a serious and impending heating crisis facing upwards of hundreds of thousands of people in Ukraine. This means that the people will have to flee, somehow, or those unable for any number of reasons, will freeze to death.

There is no heat presently for millions of Ukrainians, a crisis that has an economic and political dimension. It snowed in eastern Ukraine yesterday, and in the Donbass, with temperatures dropping by the day.

People have turned to street protests in any number of locations, in some cases they have turned to rioting.

The hot water radiators have been turned of in parts of Ukraine, which means not only cold homes but no hot water in the tap. This means there is no way at all to get warm. In the video below, there is particular focus on some 2,ooo apartment buildings without heat – these are buildings, not units. There are somewhere around 500 people in each building.

What also must be noted is this: the pipes face the threat of freezing, if they freeze, they bust. Water is unusual in that it occupies more mass in its state as a solid, something not shared by most other substances. The busted pipes will not be repairable, as there is no budget to repair them.

This makes the buildings uninhabitable – the next phase of ethnic cleansing moves forward. The US and IMF are pillaging Ukraine, cutting down its precious forests, resources which not be replaced, importing nuclear waste, both publicly and secretly, and illegally. Then there is the matter of the biolabs, and the list goes on.

For those who do still have access to heat, prices have doubled. This was a condition imposed upon Ukraine by the IMF. Poroshenko has been silent on the subject, but his political opponents – none of which have been critical about the geopolitical conditions which led to this part of the crisis nor the entire economic crisis Ukraine is in – have opportunistically jumped on this subject as election season approaches.

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It is clear there is a project to empty whole parts of Ukraine uninhabitable, because this is the process presently underway.

This is our world, your world. What can we do to stop this madness?


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