Ukrainian TV host calls for giving Crimea to the US

Jest, perhaps, but that was the whole idea


To which country would a pro-US Ukraine lease the Crimean Naval base?

An article in Pravda.Ru spurs further relevant recollection. First, the article:

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In Kiev, they are ready to “give” Sevastopol to the USA

Ukrainian journalist Yanina Sokolova, working on one of the Ukrainian TV channels, shared a bold idea about the Crimean Peninsula.
So, the media employee offered to donate Crimea to the United States of America. “The whole world,” she said, “considers the peninsula Ukrainian, so its disposition is up to Kiev.”

Then it will turn out, Ioannina Sokolova is sure that the Russian Federation will have occupied not Ukrainan territory, but US territory. According to the bold Ukrainian journalist, this is an excellent plan – then the United States Navy will be successfully stationed in Sevastopol.

There is no doubt in Ukraine that the inhabitants of the Crimean peninsula will not be against this either. According to the Ukrainian political consultants, Crimeans will be “happy” to vote for the peninsula to become part of the United States of America, if only after hearing about the size of American pensions.

Recall that the Crimean Peninsula became part of the Russian Federation in 2014, in accord with the results of an official referendum among its residents. Then their absolute majority voted to become citizens of Russia. Ukraine and a number of Western countries, led by the United States, will not recognize this referendum.

Earlier, Pravda.Ru wrote that in the list of European countries with the most powerful armies, Russia is in the first place, and Ukraine is only in the eleventh. Despite this, in the Square there can be found people willing to occupy the territory of the Russian Federation. Earlier, Pravda.Ru wrote that one Ukrainian deputy had made such a bold proposal.

[End, Pravda article]

Who can you believe in today’s world? Can you believe Barak Obama, then president of the United States when he boasts of what the US has done?

On national television, February 1, 2016, President Obama admitted, in semi-opaque and lawyerly language, two huge facts about Ukraine and Crimea:

1. The US was behind the 2014 coup in Kiev [“we had brokered a deal to transition power in Ukraine”]

2. The accession of Crimea to Russia was a reaction to the 2014 coup [“Mr Putin made his decision about Crimea … because he was caught off-balance … after we had brokered a deal to transition power” Hear him say it.

Thanks to the expressed will of the people of Crimea, and to the acceptance of that will by the Russian Federation, Ukraine could not give or lease Sevastopol to US, but the US got a consolation prize: Ukraine gave it a naval base at Ochakov.The US Navy had been so sure of its access to Sevastopol – of all places! – that it put out a call for proposals to renovate a school there in 2013. For local good will? Or for the use of military personnel? The US Navy’s CFPis still on the web: FedBizOpps.Gov.

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