US Attack on Syria Murders 15+ Civilians, Russian Jets Chase-Off NATO Attackers


Published on: Nov 4, 2018 @ 14:37 – A US attack on Syria has seen the murders at least 15 civilians, while Russian jets chase off NATO planes. The attack was carried out on the eastern desert province of Deir er-Zor by the coalition led by the United States.

According to initial information, 15 civilians were killed in the operation. Most of the dead are women and children, according to the Ikhbariya TV station.

On Thursday, coalition jets bombed targets in the city of Al-Shafa in Deir ez-Zor. Two days earlier, the coalition also carried out another attack, in which five civilians were killed, including two children.

Last month, Damascus accused the US-led coalition of violating international law and killing civilians. The complaint was made in a letter sent to the United Nations, stating that Washington is not fighting terrorism in Syria.

Syria’s foreign minister has called for the UN to carry out an investigation into a deadly attack by the coalition and Deir ez-Zor, in which 62 people were killed and dozens wounded, but to date, the UN has done nothing.

Meanwhile, an Instagram account, managed by a Russian who says he is a retired pilot, has posted the timing of the interception of two French Dassault Rafale fighter jets and one US KC-10 tanker. In addition, there are official mentions of a similar incident that occurred in May 2017.

In the recording, the Russian aircraft is approaching NATO aircraft.

The description does not detail the type of Russian fighter or the date of the incident. However, the publication explains the actions of the Russian pilot.

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The first maneuver seeks to display the weapons transported at the anchor points and is to be interpreted as the confirmation of the interception and the demand for change of route.

The second maneuver, which is a flight over the group at higher altitude, is a stronger signal that requires immediate exit from the area of ​​operations, according to the text made by the video uploader.

The Defense Blog page recalls that a similar episode occurred in May 2017. At that time, the commander of the US Air Force Central Command (CENTCOM) shared with the journalists a case of an interception of a KC-10 aircraft that he himself qualified as “unprofessional”.

In reality, however, this type of approach occurs regularly in the skies of conflict areas.

However, according to the author of the publication, it was the French who raised their complaints against the behavior of the Russian fighters, while the crew of the KC-10 testified that everything corresponded to the established parameters.

The author of the description states that the Russian pilots were punished by this episode, after internal investigation, for unnecessarily increasing the tensions in disputed area.

The newly created Instagram account, fighter_bomber_, has gained popularity and is gathering followers at a considerable pace. It was this account that posted the photo of an American F-22 Raptor in the sights of the Russian fighter Su-35S in Syria.

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F-22 "Raptor". Что для вас "партнёрские" взаимоотношения? Лично для меня, и в воздухе, и в постели это значит, что кто-то кого-то трахает. Причём если в постели это как-бы минимум дружеские взаимоотношения, то в воздухе, это нечто совсем иное. Все партнёрские взаимоотношения предусматривают лишь некий договор не стрелять по "партнёру". Не стрелять боевым оружием. При этом мешать выполнить боевую задачу, если она не выгодна партнёрам, тебе будут всеми способами. Таких способов миллион. Самый банальный, это постановка помех радиосвязи и средствам навигации. Это самый мирный и гуманный способ. Могут пересекать твой боевой курс на минимальных интервалах и дистанциях сбивая тебя спутняком от двигателей. Могут обоссать сливом топлива, могут обстрелять ППИшками. Могут включить все прицелы и имитировать атаки, с выходом из атаки в последний момент. Могут на твоей высоте в лоб запустить парочку беспилотников. А уж станция предупреждения об облучении у тебя будет орать постоянно, даже на сомневайся. И если файтербомберы могут ответить тем-же, то разведке, штурмовикам и бомберам приходится несладко. Поэтому им помогают файтеры и файтербомберы. Они всеми способами делают выполнение боевой задачи своими подопечными возможным. На фото F-22 "Raptor" в прицеле нашего Су-35с. "ОЛС+ТП". В захвате. Да 22й хамил и был наказан после непродолжительного воздушного боя, за который конечно нашего синегрудого трахнули. Все как обычно. Как видите замечательно захватывается и стелс. Да можем. Да не всегда всё получается, но если надо будет – сделаем. #bomberchronics #russianmilitary #aviator #aviation #авиация #вксроссии #aircraft #airforce #jet #avgeek #russiaairforce #avporn #aviationlovers #aviation4u #pilot #aviationgeek #aviationlover #airplane #fighterjet #fighterpilot #piloteyes #militaryaviation #aviationphotography #planes #f22

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In addition, it has photos of one B-52 and another KC-10 accompanied by two F-15s.

It should be noted that the account administrator is not the author of all photos, but publishes materials from different pilots who remain anonymous.

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