US Selling Junk Ships to Ukraine is a “Sad Situation”


The United States plans to sell two obsolete frigates that have been deployed to Ukraine.

Recently, the Ukrainian Navy commander Igor Voronchenko reported that Washington had submitted to Kiev a proposal to deliver him decommissioned frigates of the Oliver Hazard Perry class.

In this connection, he said that the Ukrainian Navy is considering the matter, taking into account the state of the ships and the price of their maintenance. According to the head of the naval entity, the maintenance operation of each of the ships costs approximately US $25 million per year.

Russian political scientist Aleksandr Dudchak said that delivering US military supplies to Ukraine does not do the country any good, but instead creates a “sad situation.”

“In fact, this is nothing new. But in this case of transferring old ships, it is different because Ukraine, for whatever reason, is asking for help, but this ‘support’ is not free,” the expert said.

At the same time, he assured that this “is not a unique case”:

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“[The United States] also delivers other old equipment, and in part they promise to [transfer] some new equipment: helicopters to the police, for example.”

However, in the opinion of the expert, “there is nothing good here because [Ukraine] has its own capabilities, and people who could work, ordering, and receiving wages simply do not have the opportunity to do so.”

“As a result,” sums up the political scientist, “the government works for another country, sending abroad orders that it could make for itself. The same thing happens in other spheres, so it’s a sad situation. Work goes to other countries precisely because there is no job, and there is no job because the heads of the country distribute orders abroad,” he said.

This is especially important as Ukraine faces an economic crisis with large portions of its young and educated population leaving for Russia or Western Europe for work.

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