US tells Lugansk and Donetsk not to vote

Kiev: It's a crime! OSCE: It's against International law!


Part One, the warring tweets*

Here is the actual tweet from the US Embassy in Kiev. Click so you can read the comments. Text of the tweet:

“Tomorrow’s sham “elections” will benefit only Russian proxies in eastern Ukraine, not the Ukrainian people. Residents of the Donbas should reject this charade and refuse to participate.”

Tribe replies

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En réponse à 

You understand that after such an appeal, even more people will go to the polls.

My favorite reply is Larisa’s:

Mr. Kurt! Your retweet is empty. Residents of Donbass laugh at you. They vote for freedom, for their rights, for the right to speak, write and think in Russian.

[I presume that “Mr. Kurt” is a reference the US Special Cheerleader for Ukraine, Kurt Volker.]

Another US Embassy tweet explains “Real local elections in eastern Ukraine would be monitored by and would comply with Ukrainian law and standards. The Nov. 11 sham “elections” – for fictitious entities backed by Russia – satisfy none of these conditions.”

To this Ruben Gonzalez replies:

En réponse à   

Currently killing innocent people in eastern ukraine still suits “Ukranian law” and OSCE “standards”?

Compliance with Ukrainian law presumably means “with permission from Kiev.” It is, forgive my plain speaking, bullshit.

Part two, It’s a crime, and against International law!  (via Novorosinform)

Pavlo Klimkin, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine announced new anti-Russian sanctions because of elections in the republics of Donbass. In a video message attached to the post, the head of the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine called these elections “a crime against Ukraine.”

Earlier today, the head of EU diplomacy, Federica Mogherini, criticized the holding of elections in the Donbass and called on Moscow to “influence” the DPR and the LPR.

OSCE officials said yesterday that the elections in Donbass would be considered a violation of international law and the Minsk agreements, and therefore would be considered invalid.

On November 6, Vice-Speaker of the Rada Iryna Gerashchenko called on the EU to impose sanctions against Russia because of the elections in the DPR and the LPR.

On the same day, Russian Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov refused to answer questions about Russia’s recognition of the upcoming elections. He explained that first you need to wait for the outcome of the vote.

He also said that the deplorable situation with the implementation of the Minsk agreements was caused by Kiev’s unwillingness to fulfill them.


*See also Illegal Elections, an American Specialty

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