Warmongers Running Hot: Atlantic Council Demands Sabotage Act Against Crimean Bridge

By Andreas Richter


By Andreas Richter, translated by Tom Winter – Anti-Russian warmongering and propaganda are now part of everyday life in politics and the media. But the Atlantic Council “think tank” has now hit a new low. It calls on Ukraine to destroy the Crimean bridge by sabotage.

Published on: Nov 29, 2018 @ 23:56

At some point one thinks to have read and seen pretty much everything about anti-Russian propaganda and warmongering. And then comes the Atlantic Council and goes tem all one better. The NATO-based “think tank” in Washington has published a paper calling on Ukraine for a special operation against the Crimean bridge across the Strait of Kerch: Ukraine should carefully consider carrying out a special operation that could break up the Moscow-built bridge across the Kerch Strait connecting the Crimea with Russia.And it goes further: Ukraine should invite the US and NATO to send a fleet of armed ships to visit Mariupol on the Sea of Azov, and to get Russia to shoot at the NATO ships or prevent them from exercising their right to visit Ukrainian ports. This “think tank” (one would now like to touch this term with even sharper fingers than before) calls for a sabotage mission to destroy civilian infrastructure.

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If this were demanded of someone who does not enjoy the sympathies of the West, one would call it terrorism, and rightly so. The Atlantic Council argues that the implementation of the measures it demands would expose Russia’s “bluff” because the Russian people do not want a war and Russia can not afford a war. But that is nonsense, to put it mildly. Of course, an attack on the bridge or a NATO intervention would entail military action by Russia. A Russian government that would exhibit restraint at such A point would lose all popular support. It is known that warmongers are amok in the political-media complex of the West, but the Atlantic Council? Its radicalism in hankering after war is worrisome, after all this is the Atlantic Council that the German media like to consider “responsible.” It seems almost reassuring that Western governments and the media have been relatively reticent this time. Apparently, the Ukrainian president has lost credit among most of his supporters.


translated from RT Germany

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