Washington Isolates Itself in Attempts to Contain Russia – Several Experts Agree


Well-known American professor Stephen Cohen has considered US attempts to isolate Russia as “vain nonsense and poverty of external thinking from Washington,” asserting that this White House goal is already flawed.

Well-known American professor Stephen Cohen has considered US attempts to isolate Russia as “the paucity and poverty of foreign thinking in Washington in recent decades, not the least in the US Congress and mainstream media.,” asserting that this White House goal is already flawed.

The effort with which the country promotes its agenda to separate Russia from the international arena causes nothing more than the opposite effect, believes columnist and honorary professor at New York and Princeton universities in his article published by The Nation.

According to him, Russia’s position in the international arena is far from “isolated”, because after 2014 Moscow has now become “the most active diplomatic capital of all great powers today.” It thus expands its cooperation with a number of countries in the Middle East and Asia, as well as with European governments, despite sanctions introduced by the European Union after the reintegration of the Crimea into Russia in 2014.

In fact, Russian diplomats are now coordinating three very important negotiation processes for the whole world – in Syria, between Serbia and Kosovo, and Afghanistan.

“Put differently, can any other national leaders in the 21st century match the diplomatic records of Russian President Vladimir Putin or of his foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov? Certainly not former US presidents George W. Bush or Obama or soon-to-depart German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Nor any British or French leader,” he wrote.

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In short, the professor emphasizes that Washington must learn from Russia, or else it will be even more isolated.

Russian expert at the Security Problems Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Konstantin Blokhin, agreed with the opinion of his American colleague.

“Stephen Cohen is one of the few representatives of American political thinking today who follows the principles of realism, at least he advocates improvement in Russian-American relations. Of course Cohen is right in saying that isolating a country the size of a continent is impossible. I think the US overestimates its capabilities, especially considering that nowadays they try to isolate not only Russia, but also China, Iran and North Korea,” he said.

By these measures, the US is in fact isolating itself without achieving the initial goals.

“With their actions, not only in relation to their rivals, but also to allies, with their sanctions regimes, trade wars against Europe or Canada, the United States makes themselves a pariah country. Transpacific Partnership, the Paris climate agreement, the Iranian agreement, the UN Human Rights Council, now threatening to leave the INF Treaty… In other words, in short, in trying to isolate Russia and many others, the US may, first of all, have an ‘overload’ and, secondly, isolate themselves,” he concluded.

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