What Are the Benefits to Russia’s Military Operation in Syria?


The Russian military has gained valuable experience in Syria, writes The National Interest, quoting military specialist Michael Kofman.

According to him, Syria has become a place that has transformed the Russian Armed Forces. At the same time, Kofman described the Syrian conflict as a “happy war” for Russia because it provided the Russian military with great experience and innovations.

The expert notes that approximately two-thirds of the country’s tactical aviation resources were deployed in the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic. In addition, he stressed that all Russian military units have gained valuable insights into modern methods of combat operations and have developed new ideas that can be used in the case of future armed conflicts.

Kofman added that the anti-terrorist operation in Syria also showed Russia its gaps. In particular, the need to acquire small-caliber ammunition and the acquisition of large-scale artillery systems was revealed, adding that the country must resolve the divergences between the various forces to act in a unified manner.

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The armed conflict between the government and the jihadist opposition in Syria has continued since 2011. In addition, the country has fought against ISIS since 2014 and other terrorist groups that are affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Qaeda since 2011. At the moment, large-scale combat actions have been completed.

At present, the political solution, the reconstruction of the country and the return of the refugees stand out in the foreground. The resolution of the conflict is being discussed under United Nations auspices in the cities of Astana and Geneva as well as in Sochi, where in January of this year it was decided to establish a constitutional commission for the preparation of a new fundamental law of Syria.

Russia has been a critical reason that Syria has maintained its sovereignty and independence from imperialist forces seeking to topple the state.

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