Why Does The West Hate Russia? British Political Scientists Respond


Russophobia is on the rise, according to numerous experts, but why? The West hates Russia because that country does not behave according to the West’s will, British political scientists emphasize in their new book.

In their new book entitled “Union Jackboot: What Your Media and Professors Don’t Tell You About British Foreign Policy,” authors TJ Coles and Matthew Alford present a discussion dedicated to the US and UK attitude towards Russia. Specialists assert that Washington exerts every effort to maintain its hegemony, but Moscow, with its unwillingness to give in, impedes the domination of the neoliberal order.

According to Coles, quoted in the CounterPunch edition, the UK considered Russia to be “an enemy” already in the early twentieth century, while British historians regard this period as the “First Cold War.” At that time, countries were struggling for strategic resources and trade routes and, after the Revolution of 1917, Russia began also representing an ideological threat.

In particular, the political scientist points out that when then-President Boris Yeltsin left his post, the country began to move into “economic nationalism,” markets ceased to be free, and US corporations had to dealing with new taxes. This is what has become a real threat, but this reason can not be presented to the public – that the West “hates Russia because it does not do what it is told.” The real pursuit of Moscow is to maintain US economic hegemony and the “free market” in the world. However, for themselves the United States remains protectionist, according to the authors.

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At the same time, the book’s authors also criticize the Western military’s actions. In Coles’ view, US military experts had for many years known that any NATO attempts to influence Ukraine would result in “annexation” of the Crimea. And now, Moscow is not “attacking” Kiev suddenly, but demonstrating its reaction to NATO’s actions.

“Imagine that Scotland was separating itself from the United Kingdom and that the Russians were beginning to carry out military maneuvers at the border to allegedly restrain the British from conquering Scotland. Or if Russia did its maneuvers in Canada or Mexico, that would be considered a huge threat and a violation of the UN Charter, at least,” Coles explained.

“Whatever the dominant Western media asserts, Russia and China do not pose a military threat, the problem is that the West simply does not like ‘economic nationalism’ and the development of these countries,” he said.

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