Why Doesn’t Russia Need New Missiles to Destroy the U.S?


Why doesn’t Russia need new missiles to destroy the U.S? Russia does not need the Avangard hypersonic systems to destroy the US in case of war because of the fact that the Americans do not have a missile defense system capable of destroying Russian ballistic missiles that currently exist.

The US magazine reports that Russia would need only a small fraction of its 528 ground-based ballistic missiles and submarines to exterminate the United States.

According to the publication, the Americans do not have the necessary protection against ballistic missiles. At present, the US can only try to develop a missile defense system to at least topple missiles launched by “small powers” like North Korea.

The National Interest points out that in the 1960s the US attempted to create the Safeguard missile defense system and, in the 1980s, Reagan’s Star Wars wanted the same. However, the magazine writes that it is unlikely that in the future new systems could guarantee invulnerability to missiles with warheads approaching 20 times faster than the speed of sound. And it emphasizes that the new Russian weapon was created literally to penetrate the defense, which simply does not exist and is unlikely to be built by the US.

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In mid-October, Vladimir Putin announced that Avangard systems will be adopted in service in the coming months.

On March 1, the Russian president, speaking before the Federal Assembly, announced the creation of the Avangard system with missiles capable of flying in the dense layers of the atmosphere at an intercontinental distance and at a hypersonic speed exceeding the Mach number by more than 20 times. In July, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced the start of mass production of Avangard hypersonic warheads.

This comes as Russian President Vladimir Putin is prioritizing the rapid technological advancement of the Russian military so that it can challenge US military supremacy but for a lot less the cost.

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