With its Options Fading, Pentagon Hopes Russia will be Unable to Maintain its Military Force


US Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Joseph Dunford said that it is unlikely that Russia will pose the same threat that China will pose to the United States in 2025-2035.

According to the general, the years 2025-2035 are the “a benchmark by which we evaluate its ability to perform its functions at that time.”

“We will be capable to achieve greater capabilities than China, and perhaps Russia, which is unlikely to be able to maintain at the same level that it does now,” he said, adding that demographic and economic indicators are falling there, and I do not think that in 2025-2035 Russia represent the same significant threat as China.

The head of the US General Staff adds that Russia will continue to have the same military potential and that China is more likely to increase its capabilities.

“I don’t think that Russia will present such a significant threat in the years 2025-2035 as China,” said the General.

In his view, China has more opportunities to build their capacities.

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“I think the next 20-30 years we need to look at China as a threat to which we must navigate,” added Dunford.

In September, US Secretary of Defense James Mattis called Russia’s nuclear weapons the main foreign threat to his country.

Recently, the Pentagon promulgated the US nuclear doctrine, which pays great attention to the development of Russian nuclear forces.

The document states that the US will continue to invest in the development of nuclear warheads and modernizing elements of its “nuclear triad” – intercontinental missiles, strategic submarines and bombers.

Although Moscow vehemently denies any kind of attack on NATO countries, unwarranted statements about an alleged “Russian threat” continue. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said the organization is aware that Russia has no plans to carry out any attack and that NATO simply seizes the opportunity to install more equipment and battalions near Russian borders.

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