A Move Away From Socialism to Americanization? Cuba Legalizes Private Sector


HAVANA, Cuba – The new constitution reaffirms the socialist course of the Cuban Revolution, said President Miguel Díaz-Canel at the end of the second regular session of the National Assembly of People’s Power (Parliament), where a new Constitution was approved.

“The Basic Law that we have just adopted reaffirms the socialist course of the Revolution and allows us to channel the work of the State, the Government, the organizations and all the people in the continuous improvement of the whole society”, emphasized the President in a speech to the deputies.

He specified that the new “Law of Laws” reinforces the institutions of the country, establishes the prevalence of the Constitution in the actions of leading government leaders, as well as ensuring greater inclusion, justice and social equality and “empowering people in government.”

President Diaz-Canel also called for the unity of all Cubans and said that “the country we need is built with everyone’s efforts and described 2019 as another year of great challenges.”

He also stressed that in the popular consultation held between August 13 and November 15, Cubans showed that “consensus is built with the decisive effort of all.”

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He also called for a realistic and objective approach to the current situation, which will allow a sustainable economic plan for 2019 to be established, based on solid foundations that, despite the difficulties, favor the development of priority activities for growth and contribute to the gradual growth of the nation’s financial credibility.”

The Cuban president emphasized the importance of promoting foreign investment, as well as the regularization and legalization of the private sector in the country, in order to raise levels of production and efficiency. The head of state emphasized that the economic battle will be the fundamental task for the future.

The Constitution, approved on Saturday, December 22, will be submitted to a popular referendum on February 24.

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