Are Most Rocket Launchers Copied from Russia’s?


MOSCOW, Russia – Most of the multiple launchers of 122-millimeter rockets are made based on Russian technologies, said Aleksandr Smirnov, executive director of Splav, one of the world’s leading arms manufacturers.

“The market for multiple rocket launchers is up, especially those of 122 gauge […] They are mostly produced based on our designs, some elements are copied,” commented Smirnov.

The director also reported on the problems related to the maintenance and repair of Russian rocket launchers produced abroad without the necessary license.

According to Smirnov, there are many counterfeit parts in the armaments market.

“After such repairs, there were cases where the launchers did not fire,” he said.

This Friday, Smirnov also announced the modernization of multiple Russian rocket launchers. The production company plans to increase the reach, accuracy and autonomy of existing armaments, as well as take into account the experience of using rocket launchers in various theaters of operations.

“We are currently working to increase the reach and accuracy of existing systems, and a work is being done to increase the autonomy and, in perspective, to apply robotization elements in some systems.T here is a wide range of projects we are introducing. The Ministry of Defense gives us the technical specifications for the improvement and modernization of the multiple rocket launchers (LMF), and we are confident that these objectives will be fulfilled,” explained Smirnov.

According to him, the experience of using rocket launchers in various theaters of operations will be taken into account to improve systems.

“This experience is necessarily taken into account and is an incentive for new ideas and developments. Now the Russian Ministry of Defense is processing the data obtained from the use of our systems in combat in various regions. for correcting defects and improving our weapons,” he said.

Recently, Lieutenant General Mikhail Matveevsky, head of the Russian Missile and Artillery Forces, said that these troops will be retrofitted later this year with modern multiple launchers of Tornado-S rockets.

At the present time, troops have multiple rocket launchers with 122 mm caliber (Tornado-G and Grad), 220 mm Uragan and 330 mm Smerch.

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