Belgrade Hits Back at Croatia’s Ridiculous Claims of Serbian-perpetrated Genocide


BELGRADE, Serbia – It would be better for Croatia to first face its own past and stop relativizing the genocide against Serbs, Jews and Roma committed during the Second World War in Croatia and Bosnia, as well as celebrating the persecution of Serbs in “Operation Storm”, Foreign Minister Ivica Dačić said.

Dačić reacted to the statement by Croatian Foreign Minister Marija Pejčinović Burić, who said that Serbia was unwilling to face issues from the past.

“Serbia has punished its criminals and continues to punish them,” Dačić told Večernje Novosti.

The Croatian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that Burić said at a meeting of the EU Foreign Affairs Council on Monday that Serbia is not ready to face the past, making it difficult to resolve the war inheritance, such as the fate of the missing and the war crimes committed, Hina reported.

“Unfortunately, in Serbia, there is still no political will to deal with the past and give up the ideology of the 1990s, which seriously calls into question the readiness to resolve other issues that are the result of the breakup of the former state, such as the issue of borders, or those which are the result of aggression against Croatia, such as missing persons or war crimes trials,” Burić’s cabinet said.

The Croatian Ustasi movement in World War Two were responsible for some of the most heinous war crimes that even infamously shocked the Nazis. They were responsible for ethnically cleansing entire regions of Croatia and Bosnia from non-Croatian, particularly Serbs, Muslims, Jews and Roma. Meanwhile, during the breakup of Yugoslavia, hundreds of thousands of Serbs were driven from their homes by Croat forces from regions that today are now a part of Croatia.

Effectively, Dačić has highlighted the hypocrisy of the Croats for themselves not facing their own past of genocide and ethnic cleansing.

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