China and Russia Dominating Africa, US Trying to Play Catch Up


WASHINGTON, The United States – Due to the presence of Russia and mainly China in Africa, the Trump Administration has apparently begun to fret and show interest in competing against the two rising superpowers to dominate relations with African countries.

According to the NBC channel, the Republican Administration may soon officially present new plans to improve its position in Africa, strengthening ties with nations such as Kenya, Libya, Somalia and Mali to counterbalance the influence of other powers on the continent.

A strategic place that connects several important seas and straits, in which several nations have set up military bases (including the US), is the small East African country of Djibouti. Although it does not have any natural resources, it is a key point in the routes that unite the markets of Asia, Africa and Europe, according to an article published by the RT channel.

Russia also plans to open a logistics center in Eritrea bordering Djibouti, an area considered strategic for access to internationally important sea routes.

Washington is targeting countries where “US diplomacy estimates there are allied governments and a smaller presence of Chinese investments,” said political scienist Julio Burd,am, adding that “the role of Morocco, a major country in Africa, should be has the political support of the Arab monarchies. ”

Already for the analyst Daniel Blinder, the American position is an alarm that intensified the need to be present in different countries on the African continent. Chinese investments in the financial and infrastructure sectors involve major military deployment to secure their economic interests, and this is raising US concerns.

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According to Blinder, “Africa is rich in natural resources and a place where you can earn millions of dollars,” which is why the US would try to counter the influence of the “Asian giant.” For the analyst, this continent “plays a central role, because its territory is immense and diverse, ideal for disputes of economic or military order”.

The so-called civil wars in Africa that have occurred in the past may be repeated again with the military support of other powers, says the expert, noting that he does not rule out a possible conflict between the most influential countries, which may hatch due to some African cause.

The editor of the portal, Fernando Díaz Alpuente, says that Trump’s rise has meant a radical change in world political language, which could have very negative consequences for the most vulnerable countries.

According to Alpuente, as far as direct political action is concerned, the current Administration has not been able to continue the small impulse that Obama tried to give with the celebration of the business forum in Africa. In fact, for Diaz, the only way for investment flows to return to Africa would be “a crisis outbreak at European level, as happened with the euro in 2010.”

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