Crimea is Protected from Air Strikes from ALL Directions, says Russian General


The Crimea is protected from air strikes in all directions, said Lieutenant-General Viktor Sevostyanov, the air defense commander of the Southern Military District, during the operational reception in Crimea of ​​the S-400 air defense system.

On Thursday, a fourth S-400 systems division entered service on the border between Russia and Ukraine in Dzhankoi. The three previous divisions assumed their operational positions in Feodosiya, Sevastopol and Evpatoriya.

“The Crimea is totally protected from the enemy’s aerial actions from all directions and with a range of up to 400 kilometers,” General Sevostyanov told reporters.

The S-400 Triumph system is a defense system capable of eliminating stealth aerial targets, cruise missiles, ballistic missiles, including medium-range missiles, and can also be used against ground targets.’

In addition, the S-400 has a range of up to 400km, and is capable of reaching targets at altitudes of up to 30km. An S-400 regiment of missile launchers is composed of 16 launchers with four missiles each.

The tactical and technical characteristics of the anti-aircraft missile system are much better than those of its famous predecessor S-300PM. Even so, the S-300, according to experts, is far superior in efficiency to its foreign counterparts.

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On Wednesday it was reported that the new division of the S-400 air defense system will enter operational service in the Crimea before the end of the year.

A further division of the S-400 Triumph air defense system will enter operational service in the Crimea before the end of the year, Vadim Astafiev, the official representative of the Southern Military District of Russia, said.

“In the near future, the new anti-aircraft missile system … will replace the previous one,” said Astafiev, noting that this will happen in the context of rearmament.

The military began to prepare the equipment to be moved to the loading station, from where it will be transported by train to the permanent place of deployment.

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