Head of Ukraine’s Orthodox church thanks CIA’s covert ops chief

Awarded Order of Saint Andrew the First-Called


Rather a first: CIA beneficiaries thank their benefactor. Neither the Shah of Iran, nor Augusto Pinochet, nor Sese Mobutu ever publicly thanked the CIA, but the chief of the schismatic Ukrainian Orthodox Church gives thanks to the covert ops operator. This leads to another question: What is the guy who gave Stinger missiles to the mujahedin doing in Ukraine? There will obviously be more that the priest could thank him for. We read in Novorosinform:

Filaret, the leader of the Ukrainian schismatics, met with former CIA Deputy Director Jack Devine and awarded him the Order of St. Andrew the First-Called.

Filaret thanked Devine for US help “in support of the independence of Ukraine and the creation of a single local Ukrainian Orthodox Church.”

In a presentation by Bogdan Gubsky, [founder and] Chairman of the Board of the Ukraine-XXI Century Foundation and Philaret Yaroshenko, a member of the Council of the Yaroshenko Foundation, Jack Devine was awarded the Order of St. Andrew the First Called.

Note that Jack Devine is a participant and head of covert operations, in particular the coup in Chile, “Operation Cyclone” (which led to the USSR’s military defeat in the 1980s Afghan war), and the hunt for drug dealer Pablo Escobar. [Editorial note: you can read a review of Devine’s autobiography.]

The remainder of the Novorosinform story deals with church issues:

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Recall that today the first service of Constantinople schismatics took place in St. Andrew’s Cathedral in Kiev. On December 10, the schismatic Filaret declared that he could refuse to accept the terms of Bartholomew.

Earlier, Filaret declared that he would remain a “patriarch” after the “united council”.

Note that Fanar intends to hold a congress of the schismatics, regardless of whether the bishops of the canonical UOC participate. On December 7, the Metropolitan of Kiev and All Ukraine Onofrio and other bishops of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, who received invitations to the congress of Ukrainian schismatics, the so-called “unifying council,” returned them to the sender, the Patriarch of Constantinople, Bartholomew.

Earlier, Bartholomew called on the head of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate to take part in the unifying Council and recalled that the refusal would have consequences.

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