Germany has no interest in new anti-Russia sanctions

Germany won't propose them and the there is no EU consensus for them


Incident at the Kerch Bridge: The US Congress has condemned Russia for “aggression” and demands that Russia return the ships; many a European politician has called for “More Sanctions!” after the Kerch Bridge incident. But it’s not going to happen. On this subject, Ukraine and Lithuania are all alone.

We read in RusDialog:
The leading EU power refuses to introduce new sanctions against Russia

In Berlin, they consider it impractical to introduce new anti-Russian restrictive measures in connection with the incident in the Black Sea.

Germany opposes the introduction of new sanctions against the Russian Federation for the incident between Russian and Ukrainian warships near the Kerch Strait. This was announced on Friday by the head of the German Foreign Ministry, Heiko Maas.

According to the minister, the use of additional measures against Moscow is inexpedient, as now steps are being taken to reduce tensions. He assured that Berlin would not propose new sanctions.

The chief of German diplomacy also noted that among the members of the European Union there is no consensus on new anti-Russian sanctions.

In the meantime, Lithuania did not wait for the decision of Brussels on this issue, but introduced individual sanctions against some Russian citizens involved in the detention of Ukrainian ships. This was announced on Friday by Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite during a meeting with her Ukrainian counterpart Petro Poroshenko.

The Lithuanian leader did not specify exactly who the restrictive measures would concern, and what they would be.

Poroshenko thanked Grybauskaite for strongly condemning the actions of Moscow near the Kerch Strait and said that Kiev and Vilnius would jointly oppose “Russian aggression.”

We recall that in Ukraine they are working on anti-Russian sanctions:

Ukraine promises Russia painful “Azov sanctions

Deputy head of the department for foreign policy and European integration of the presidential administration, Sergey Leshchenko, announced that Kiev is setting up new restrictive measures against the Russian Federation.

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2 years ago

Listen Germany, some few facts, and why on earth, despite been an bright people are you able to create cluster f….. for your self, because of been an unconditional assliker of the Imperial banana republic UssA and you loose respect every bleeding day, and some other things must be clear and I talk real politics and not wankee pipe dreams and hyperboles.

Nobody cares about Lithuania, not even their own people apart from this that still havent left, there is simply nothing of intress what so ever, apart from been an bank haven there is nothing else, Ukraina is another basket case, where they pimp hate and idiot propaganda about virtually everything, to an extent witch I see as an bizzare parody, from the so called nazism to the stupid move inside Russian teritorial waters, witch means they breatched the 12 nm line, and even Norwegian patrol boats have used thir front cannon to stop boats, ask Spanian fishers etc.
Either are they simply stupid, lord knows, the coming terror attacks witch will of course be driected to be an provocation of either the Russian fed, or somewhere in Ukraina, Transnj pops in mind , but an all out war on Russia, nope, they arent that stupid why risk what you have stolen, we are talking about Orcs after all.

So Germany, and the UssA have gone total bananas, and restored to be an petty mob, using civlians as an bargain chip in their peranoic seatch for deals, huh, and openly drools about attacking China, and somehow, You cant see that coming.

The thing is and I know you know it to, Germany, nothing scares the Brits and the scums in the WH, more than an free and independent Europa, this attacks and I dont incl the Yellow vests, wtich I see as an surpirce, the rise is even more surpricing, and an light to follow. Russia, isnt Sovjet, and Sovjet died a long time ago, and time to depart from the past and look to the future, and we are and will be an power block of our own.


2 years ago

So when mighty Ukraine and mighty Lithuana invade Russia waving their pitchforks and torches, the Russians will be too helpless from laughter to resist. Job done!

Reply to  unheilig
2 years ago

Ukraine and Lithuania made themselves the laughing stock of the world lol

Master Oroko
Master Oroko
2 years ago

Correct me if I’m wrong, but Germany is just too dependent on Russia, too interconnected with them economically speaking. So this is just a pipe dream.

On another note, doesn’t at least half the country believe that 9/11 was a false flag? If so, then kudos to the German population.

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