How Does Russia Use The Great Soviet Aeronautical Potential?


MOSCOW, Russia – By modernizing Soviet aircraft it is possible to obtain efficient advanced aircraft without spending much money and time. Russian military pilot Vladimir Popov explained why this strategy was the most effective.

Numerous aircraft, including the Tu-22M3M and the Tu-160M2, are examples of modern modifications.

Much like its predecessor Tu-22, the Tu-22M3M has a completely new avionic complex, being compatible with the GLONASS navigation system, in addition to having a digital interface and electronic countermeasure systems.

Popov ensures that the modernized Tu-22M3M can be considered a perfectly current airplane.

“It has a completely different equipment, only its old appearance remains, but everything else is of the XXI century. It is the second airplane capable of transporting Kinzhal hypersonic missiles, we have the possibility to improve all the potential that was developed in the USSR,” said the specialist.

The basis for the creation of advanced technologies, which allowed the creation of more modern computer systems, was created by Soviet engineers, points out the pilot. In addition, the mechanism ensures a good cost-benefit ratio.

“Why create something new if there are still things to modernize? It is clear that these possibilities should be explored,” he said.

The period of service of these aircraft is quite extensive and the technology remains current throughout its useful life, explained Popov.

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“Now instead of creating something completely new, it is possible to modernize something already existing,” concluded the Russian pilot.

Russian company Corporación Aeronáutica Unida (OAK) has published images of the first flight of the deeply modernized Russian strategic bomber Tu-22M3M.

Earlier, it was reported that the flight normally ran and lasted 37 minutes at an altitude of 1,500 meters. The crew was commanded by test pilot Oleg Petunin of the flight test base Zhukovskaya. Experts said Tu-22M3M equipment worked flawlessly.

In the context of the deep modernization of this bomber, a new set of modern digital avionics equipment was installed on board, which should increase the precision of navigation and the level of command and control automation.

In addition, it will be simpler to carry out maintenance work on the bomber and its combat potential will be wider.

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