HYPOCRITES: Colombia Slams Russian-Venezuelan Military Relations Despite Being US Imperialist Outpost


CARACAS, Venezuela – For Cuban professor Roberto Henandez, Venezuela has the right to defend itself and it is hypocriticl that Colombia is expressing concern about the joint military maneuvers between Venezuela and Russia.

Hernandez’s analysis comes in response to accusations made by Colombia on Wednesday through Colombian President Iván Duque.

“[…] It is ironic that Colombia is concerned about joint Russian-Venezuelan maneuvers and the presence of Russian airplanes in the neighboring country, when in Colombia seven US military bases are maintained that are a real threat to the entire region,” the retired professor at the University of Havana said.

The Colombian president made statements to radio station RCN, criticizing the joint aerial exercises between Venezuela and Russia this week in Venezuelan airspace, which Duque described as a “provocation.”

Cuban professor Roberto Hernandez criticized the Colombian president for the statements and denounced that the country has made high investments in the military sector in addition to seeking a rapprochement with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) becoming the main military ally of the alliance in the South America.

Hernandez also said that the statement issued by the Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), which accused the Venezuelan government of “violating” the constitution because it did not have the approval of the Venezuelan National Assembly, is absurd.

“It seems that [OAS Secretary General Luis] Almagro insists on ignoring the National Constituent Assembly of Venezuela, which has full powers and assumed the tasks of the National Assembly declared in contempt, but the Secretary General of the OAS only sees the instructions received from their heads in Washington, “said Hernandez.

He added that it is absurd and dangerous for the Secretary General of the OAS to speak of “violating the fundamental norms of international law”, implying without evidence, according to the professor, that Venezuela stores or owns nuclear weapons of its own or of third parties in its territory.

“It’s really ridiculous nonsense unless the OAS is taking on the role of bridge to justify a large-scale US military intervention in Venezuela because Almagro has long assumed the role of executioner of the Venezuelans,” Hernandez said.

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro denounced on Wednesday that in the Colombian municipality of Tona, in the Department of Santander, the G8 paramilitary group is in training, with more than 734 Colombian and Venezuelan mercenaries to simulate attacks by Venezuelan forces and to initiate a violent escalation against Venezuela.

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2 years ago

Iván Duque is a marionette controlled from the US. He was ordered to make these statements and accusations. He only acts and talks when the US orders him.

Marijan Trzok
Marijan Trzok
2 years ago

Why is there wherever is military base , there are a lot off drugs. Colombian cartels in this instance, Afghanistan !

Rodolfo Bulos
Rodolfo Bulos
2 years ago

This Ivan Duque columbian President is a long puppet already of the US since the deminished of the former puppet regime ( just forgot the name ) who betrayed the Drug lord Pablo Escobar,The US, the former columbian president and Pablo Escobar are trio who gained wealth to the exportation of drugs for most in another countries including he US but the gambit did not stand very long, bcause Escobar were becoming more popular then the former president,Escobar must be finish The former Pesident maintained more Pro-cooperative w/ the US and continued by Ivan Duque, the present president in tandem to Venezuela, from Hugo Chavez to Nicolas Maduro. The business of columbia almost at ground level and only living to support its population by the US aid and by placing seven military bases in Columbia and for sure from drug business in Columbia is now all around Prostitute business of columbia for the american soldier

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