IMPENETRABLE MOTHERLAND: An Assessesment on the New Shield on Russia’s Borders


MOSCOW, Russia – The Russian General Staff reported earlier that it has set up a radar field to protect Russia’s borders. A military expert has detailed what this system represents and the opportunities it offers to the country.

“The creation of a continuous radar field along the borders of the Russian Federation has been completed. As a result, ballistic missile detection is guaranteed from all dangerous directions and using any type of flight path,” said the chief of the Russian General Staff, Valery Gerasimov.

Retired colonel and military specialist Aleksandr Zhilin expressed the view that this is not just another shield to protect Russian territory, but also a system that embraces the use of new technologies and the latest advances in the country’s military industry.

“The statement on the creation of the single radar field along our [Russian] borders means that a global control system is being created, including at far-off points of access to our border,” he said.

However, in his view, “since the approach time of the missiles of our potential enemies becomes shorter and shorter, we should be concerned with detecting and neutralizing these missiles if they are launched.”

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At the same time, the expert pointed out that the “radar field is not only a detection system but also exerts a certain influence on the software of these missiles.”

In this connection, the military specialist stresses that “it is about using new technologies, new equipment that correspond to the advances achieved by us in science, technology, composite materials, etc.,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, the all-new Russian artillery reconnaissance system Penitsillin (Penicillin) is able to detect practically all types of enemy attack systems from a distance of tens of kilometers. At the same time, the Russian system itself is extremely difficult to locate.

Among the most striking features of the Penitsillin system – which will come into service in 2020 – is that it operates at a safe distance from the opponent. This minimizes the risks to the life of the advanced recognition staff. Nevertheless, the system that has the name of the famous antibiotic is able to operate in a completely autonomous way.

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