Is the US Withdrawal from Syria a Strategic Plan to Undermine China?


BEIJING, China – Experts believe that the withdrawal of the US military from Syria could mean a shift in US strategic thinking by reconsidering its policies in the Indo-Pacific region.

The US withdrawal breeds uncertainties in the investment planned for China’s reconstruction of the Arab country, according to the South China Morning Post.

Some experts believe that this is likely to raise instability in Syria, and could mean a shift in US strategic thinking, as it may be more attentive to the Indo-Pacific region by rethinking its policies in that region.

For Wang Jian, a Middle East expert at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the Asian country maintains a distance from the conflict in Syria, however, it is interested in promoting its economic presence in the country within the Silk Road and Belt Initiative.

He also points out that withdrawal of troops could worsen the security situation in the country, causing increased risks for Chinese companies and hampering economic cooperation with Syria, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

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China traded and invested in Syria , including after the war began in 2011. This was when bilateral trade between the two countries reached $2.4 billion, but almost all Chinese companies stopped operations in the region.

In the face of this situation, China has adopted a number of measures, such as the proposal for a plan for the economic reconstruction of Syria, which would begin with the construction of an industrial estate in the country capable of housing up to 150 Chinese companies.

He concludes that the withdrawal of US troops could mean that the Middle East lost strategic importance to the United States and that they pay more attention to the Indo-Pacific region, considering that China is already the main long-term challenge against US hegemony. However, all projections point to an eventual US capitulation to the Chinese.

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