Israeli Officer Confirms Air Strike Against Iranian Targets in Syria, Lebanon Blasts Tel Aviv


TEL AVIV, Israel – Recently, the Israeli Air Force carried out air strikes against Damascus. An ammunition depot was allegedly destroyed and three Syrian soldiers were injured.

An Israeli officer, who declined to be identified, said that an Israeli aircraft carried out air strikes in Syria, targeting a number of Iranian targets.

The attack hit Iranian deposits and logistical targets. In addition to eliminating a Syrian anti-aircraft system near Damascus, according to the Times of Israel.

The air strike by Israeli fighters put at risk two unidentified commercial airliners, which landed at Beirut and Damascus airports, the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

In addition, the Russian ministry described the Israeli action as a “blatant violation” of Syrian sovereignty and UN Security Council resolutions.

Iran on a number of occasions has stated that its forces remain exclusively in the role of adviser in Syria, denying any plans related to the stabilization of a permanent military presence in the country.

Lebanon’s Foreign Minister condemned Israel’s attack on Damascus, emphasizing that Israel violated UN Security Council resolution 1701 by invading Lebanon’s airspace.

Six F-16 fighter jets from the Israeli Air Force conducted a missile strike against Damascus. The attacks were conducted from Lebanese air space. Most of the missiles were detained by Syria’s air defense.

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The Foreign Ministry condemns air strikes against Syria and supports Syria’s right to defend its territory and its sovereignty. The ministry calls on the global community and the UN Security Council to condemn these attacks and the fact that Israeli aircraft used Lebanese airspace to carry out attacks against a friendly nation, which is clearly in violation of resolution 1701 of the UN Security Council,” the ministry said in a statement.

Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil has urged the country’s permanent representative to the United Nations to attach an official complaint to the UN Security Council about violations that threaten regional security, the minister said.

Earlier on Wednesday, Major General Igor Konashenkov, who is a spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry, that the Israeli jet has directly endangered two civilian aircraft during the attack.

A spokesman for the Israeli Defense Forces declined to comment on Konashenkov’s statement.

Syria’s state media outlets are denouncing the use of Lebanon’s airspace to carry out attacks on the province of Damascus.

Earlier, the Ikhbariya television station reported that Syria’s anti-aircraft air defense repelled a multi-missile strike against Damascus province on Tuesday.

“The enemy attack had been carried out from Lebanese airspace, several enemy targets have been knocked down,” Syrian state television quoted a source as saying. SANA news agency also reported the situation.

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