Who is preventing peace in Syria?

Those who did not win the war are now preventing peace in Syria


Hasan Posdnyakov, in RT Germany:
Karin Leukefeld, the only German journalist accredited in Syria, analyzed the peace-preventing balance of power in Syria. According to her, the main reason for this is the interference of foreign powers.

The event, organized by the German Communist Party, took place in Berlin. The topic was: “Who is it that prevents peace in Syria”? The moderator was Stefan Hut, Editor-in-Chief of the Young World.

The Middle East expert Karin Leukefeld succinctly answered the organizers’ theme question at the beginning of her speech.

Those who did not win the war are now preventing peace in Syria. First and foremost, these are the conflicting regional powers of the Middle East and international actors. In Syria, a Western bloc consisting of the US, France, Britain, Germany, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Egypt are facing an alternative bloc, the Astana group.

The US would have threatened to redirect the Western-led peace process in Geneva if talks in Astana, including those initiated by Russia, did not deliver tangible results by the end of the year.

It is no longer about Syria or political reforms in Syria in the interests of the local population, but it is a “conflict between the US (with its partners) and Russia.” Behind this, in turn, is the conflict around the question: Will the world order continue to be unipolar under the leadership of the United States, or will a multipolar order with multiple centers of power emerge?

This conflict has intensified in Syria, as the country is very closely linked to many important economic and geopolitical hubs. In her speech, Leukefeld pointed out that the imperialist powers would again and again try to incite the different ethnic groups in Syria against each other in order to ultimately realize their interests.

The history of Syria is a story of dismemberment and division between the great powers in their favor. The US would now have chosen the Syrian territory east of the Euphrates for themselves and would use the Syrian Kurds for this purpose. Washington would like to convert this area into the “Province of Eastern Euphrates”, with its own administration, according to Leukefeld. There are now 4,000 Americans there.

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For their part, the Kurds there would be pursuing their own goals in the conflict. Their project is actually to establish “Rojava”. They are an independent player in the “Great Game around Syria,” in relations with the other Kurds in neighboring countries. As a result, the well-known strategy of “divide and rule” is contrary to the interests of the peoples affected by it.

She also asked why the Kurdish fighters have not yet withdrawn from the non-Kurdish areas they occupy, even though ISIS has been defeated there.

Turkey also seeks to claim parts of Syria for itself, specifically in the north and northeast of the country. Also, the jihadist enclave in Idlib is supported substantially by Turkey.

At present, the strategy of the intervening powers is mainly the attempt to put Assad out of office, indirectly, due to domestic difficulties in Syria, that stem from the country’s economic problems which have grown enormously because of the war.

In the discussion that followed, it was pointed out that only the military activities of Russia, Iran and China are legitimate under international law, as only these have been requested and approved by the sovereign and internationally recognized government.

On the other hand, the USA as well as its allies are violating international law by their illegal (open and covert) military activities.

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