Kherson Region now an out-of-control wild west


Kiev loses control over the Kherson region.

This fact is recognized in the leadership of Ukraine. “No martial law prevents the adhesion of law enforcement and politicians to illegal businesses of the old and the new criminal authorities,” said Verkhovna Rada deputy Mustafa Nyey recently.

According to parliamentarians, in the region “all the signs show the threat of loss of national statehood.”

The Russian media in this regard, in turn, write the following.”The Kherson region is unique in its geographic location,” they write in the Russian edition of, “here are fertile lands producing agricultural products, which were on the shelves of the entire European part of the former USSR, including Russia, Belarus and the Baltic states.

“Here is a crossroads, unique for trade and tourism. It was through Kherson region that seasonal vacationers and products from the Crimea traveled to the Crimea.
“Here are their own resorts on the Black and Azov Seas. Here are the ports of the two seas and the Dnieper. Hundreds of islands, estuaries, outflows and channels, where hunting and fishing grounds. From horizon to horizon – the landscape, which is depicted on the national flag of Ukraine, But in all this paradise there is now – poverty, crime, population reduction; now war and martial law.”

In order to understand the depth of the catastrophe, you need to imagine the opposite to all the points that make the Kherson region a paradise on earth, line them out and replace with the corresponding dark side:

  1. Fishing and hunting is replaced by poaching and with police and the local authorities for cover.
  2. In agriculture, there are gangs of marauders who, under the threat of reprisals against local people, are taking off the ripe crops. Plus a the center for the production of marijuana and opium poppy.
  3. At ports and transit –  smuggling in conjunction with customs and border guards.
  4. Tourism industry – a racket like back in the 90s.
  5. The war and the proximity of the front – arms trade and banditry. And the fierce hatred of those who crushed the “Russian Spring,” and planted the Ukrainian occupation regime.

The situation in such a region cannot be good.

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VeeNarian (Yerevan)
VeeNarian (Yerevan)
2 years ago

Gee, how is Kherson enjoying the famous “European values”? How long will they put up with this Banderised disaster?

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