Kurds-Assad accord: a historic loss of power for the US

As it stands now, the Western adventure in Syria is nearing its end


From today’s Anti-Spiegel:
Syria: Kurds and Assad Agree – A historical loss of power for the US in the Middle East

Syria is taking another big step towards peace today. Now that Trump has announced the withdrawal of US troops from eastern Syria and Turkey has announced an offensive on the Kurds there, the Kurds now turn to Assad for help, making a Turkish attack unlikely.

I pointed out this possibility a week ago in my analysis of the situation in Syria, and it seems to be evolving exactly as I suspected. After the US refuses protection to the Kurds, Turkey stands ready to invade. The Kurds would have no chance against the Turkish army, so they must turn to Assad.

Assad wants to bring the Kurdish controlled east of his country back under control and the Kurds must at the latest now realize that the Kurdish state is once again nothing. They would rather negotiate with Assad for a degree of autonomy than get slaughtered by the Turks.

There was a similar development in October when all the world expected a Syrian attack on the northern Syrian city of Idlib, where Islamists are still entrenched. At that time Erdogan reached a compromise and the attack was canceled. Well, the same is likely to happen vice-versa: Turkey would like to attack the Kurds, but the Russians and Syria are against it. This will probably mean that Moscow and Damascus will give the Turks a guarantee that the Kurdish region will not attack Turkey, and Erdogan will stop the attack or at best limit it to a buffer zone on the border.

The problem is that French soldiers are also in the region and Paris has so far refused to withdraw. However, the 200 French soldiers will not be able to prevent an agreement with Assad if the Kurds want to reach one.

Even against a Turkish attack, the few Frenchmen can offer no protection. And so today the reports from the region are churning. An agreement has already been announced between the Kurds and Assad, which references the entire area “east of the Euphrates”, ie the Kurdish occupied area.

Especially in the north it should go very quickly: Syrian troops are already engaged in the city of Manbij and have raised the Syrian flag there. This city is located in the north and in this way “the Turks are cut off”.

Erdogan said in a speech that he wants to talk to Putin in Moscow or Sochi about the way forward, and tomorrow a Turkish delegation is expected in Moscow, which is a clear indication that there are negotiations to avoid a Turkish invasion of Syria comes and that Erdogan is ready for it too.

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And little wonder Moscow already reported that it was the agreement between Kurds and reported that should refer to the entire area “east of the Euphrates”, i.e. to the Kurdish occupied territory.

And little wonder Moscow already announced that it welcomes the agreement between the Kurds and the Syrian government.With that, Syria has come one step closer to peace, and the Syrian government will soon regain control of almost the entire country, which is a prerequisite for pacification and much-needed reconstruction. Also for the process of reconciliation, which the country needs after seven years of war, such agreements are much better than violent reconquest.

But still the disinformation continues in the German media. Thus Der Spiegel writes about the Kurdish YPG, which is an offshoot of the PKK and has control in the east of Syria: “The YPG fight in the north of Syria in particular against the terrorist militia” Islamic state “(IS) and are supported so far by the USA.” I marvel how Der Spiegel takes its readers for idiots, because under that sentence there is a map of Syria where it can be seen that the IS controls only a tiny small area in the south of Syria:

Syria map from Der Spiegel

But Der Spiegel, still maintaining the myth of the fight against ISIS, writes that the fight is taking place with US support in the north, where there apparently is no ISIS.

For the US, as I have repeatedly stated, it was not about the fight against the IS, but the fight against Assad. This fight is lost, Assad has won with the help of the Russians and Iranians, and now Trump pulls out his soldiers and disguises the defeat with the message that they have defeated the IS and can finally bring the troops home.

But as I said Macron sees it all differently and wants to leave his soldiers on site. That this can not be done, you can read in the last paragraph of the Spiegel article on the situation in Manbij: “According to eyewitnesses are currently still both Kurdish fighters and US troops and French soldiers in Manbij. Unlike President Trump, France’s President Emmanuel Macron wants to hold on to the deployment of his approximately 200 special forces for the time being. The intervention of the Syrian government forces, however, should increase the pressure on Macron to end the mission.”

As it stands now, the Western adventure in Syria is nearing its end and it is interesting that the West plays no role in the peace talks. At the table sit Russia, Syria, Iran, Turkey and representatives of the Syrian opposition, who were ready to lay down their arms and come to the negotiating table. If so, this is a worse defeat for the US than Vietnam, because this is not just about losing one country, but about losing US influence in the greater part of the Middle East. This, just a few years ago, was completely unthinkable.

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