Machado: Cultural Marxism Doesn’t Exist – It’s Cultural Capitalism

Liberal Delusions are the Political Cancer of Our Time


Dispatch from New Resistance: The well known Brazilian right-wing ‘thinker’, Olavo de Carvalho has already exposed, perhaps accidentally but nevertheless definitively, showing that the authors linked to the Frankfurt School can not be described purely as “Marxists”.

On the contrary, despite the aim of social criticism, they subvert the foundations of Marxism with strong Hegelian, Freudian, existentialist, neo-Kantian, and idealist influence.

Other tendencies in Philosophy and the human sciences, such as structuralism, post-structuralism, deconstructionism, etc., can not be regarded as Marxist either. They develop with strong influence from the fields of linguistics, semiotics, psychology and others.

It is these theoretical and methodological developments that are more directly linked to the liberal-left defending postmodernists, and not Marxism itself.

When Olavo and his followers throw all these authors and schools and militants in the same bag and label them “cultural Marxism,” they construct a scarecrow whose function is purely rhetorical, and geared toward political ends.

They think that this rhetorical game has nothing to do since it serves to combat the ideas mentioned above and the militancy developed around them.

But in addition to spreading stupidity and misinformation, this rhetoric helps to conceal the true social roots that enable progressive militancy to appropriate these tendencies. And with that it allows the causes to continue operating in the shadows.

The causes are not in ideas and theories created by academics, but in the cultural revolution driven by capitalism and its basic ideology, liberalism.

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Consumerism and liberal capitalist individualism lead to the privatization of the idea of ​​good, to proceduralism, to the erosion of community ties, to the Cartesian State, to the overflowing of the passions to organize social life through the Market.

It is cultural capitalism, not cultural Marxism.

Olavo and his followers not only hide this truth but become agents of what they declare to fight by proposing as a supposed alternative, even more liberalism and even more capitalism.

It is liberal capitalism that engenders and propels postmodern cosmopolitan globalism based on rootless, nomadic, wandering finance. Embracing capitalism and liberalism as solutions to the current scenario is like trying to put out a fire by throwing gasoline on the fire.

The mythology of a “cultural Marxism” has died. It is unsustainable in a world where the main drivers of globalist causes are megacorporations like Apple, Google, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Microsoft and others.

We will continue to be brainwashed so long as we do not attack its sources: liberalism, as a philosophy, and capitalism as an economic order, and especially Brazil’s ideological subordination to the cultural influxes of the Atlanticist countries.


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